For all the Bernie or busters, rabid Trump fans or apathetic clowns that were complicit in getting our dear leader elected, I have one question for you – how are you feeling about your decision today?

We are on the brink of war with North Korea. It’s not some implausible hypothetical – it’s very real. Donald Trump is an unstable man in personal turmoil. He knows that Robert Mueller is closing in and desperately wants to change the conversation. What better way than war? Those of you that don’t think he could do it are wrong…dead wrong. He is authorized to push the big red button. Those of you that voted for him – or threw away your vote – were the ones that authorized him.

How does that feel?

Growing up, I would hear time and time again the jaded phrase ‘elections don’t matter’ that it’s a rigged system. It never made any sense and still doesn’t. Your vote counts…it matters. Now we’re witnessing the impact of your apathy — your lazy cynicism. There was a clear choice in 2016 – a lunatic buffoon or a qualified, experienced steely politician. Well, you made your decision America, and it was the worst one in our nation’s history.

Today, Trump ratcheted up the tension with North Korea once again, tweeting that our military is ‘locked and loaded’ – at the ready to drop the big one.

We haven’t been this close to a nuclear confrontation since the Cuban missile crisis. And for me, it comes as no surprise. Trump is a craven, unfeeling, solipsist. In his twisted mind, he probably feels this is his destiny – to be the one to blow it all up. A year ago, Joe Scarborough reported that Donald repeatedly asked a foreign policy expert why the U.S. can’t use nuclear weapons.  This has been on his mind from the beginning. And guess what? Nothing can stop him. The president doesn’t need approval from congress – the decision to attack another country rests on his judgement alone.

Do you trust him to make the right call?

If we somehow make it out of this crisis without incident, how are you going to vote in 2018? Will you be guided by the same inane instincts that led us to where we are now or will you get up off of your fucking asses and vote for your self-interest – for your very existence? Personally, I think he’s going to do it. I think he’s going to bomb North Korea. He’s got nothing to lose. He’s 71 years old, the walls are closing in on him…this is his way out.

To those of you who say that our previous strategies with the DPKR have all failed, that it’s time to get tough. I ask you – to what end? North Korea is a nuclear power with the capability of striking the United States with its missiles. We have only one valid option – to enter into direct talks. The President needs to send in an emissary and speak face to face with Kim Jong Un. We need to make that concession. Continuing this exchange of rhetoric is only backing us into an unnecessary catastrophe. Of course, that’s not Donald’s style, is it? No. He knows best…he’s got a very big brain, right? He knows more than all the foreign policy experts, generals and intelligence officers put together. Yes – he is that big a narcissist. So, again I ask you the same question.

How are you feeling about your role in the 2016 election? Do you still think your vote doesn’t matter?

We have now been put in the position of having to rely on Kim Jong Un to be the reasonable one…a total maniac who’s killed off members of his own family to maintain his power. How do you think that’s all going to turn out? We’re screwed America. Does it feel good? I pray for some kind of a miracle. Perhaps, congress will make a move…or maybe Mueller will drop his bomb before Trump drops his.

I pray…I’ve been doing that a lot. But at least I know that I made the right decision on Election Day.

Do you?

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