As dark Coop kept repeating during his epic arm wrestling bout, episode 13 was a return to the ‘starting position.’ Last night, David Lynch brought back all the old familiar faces – the key word being old – and for the first time, really showed us how the little town of Twin Peaks has been stripped of its innocence and whimsy in the wake of Laura Palmer’s murder. Whether it was Norma’s new beau, entreating her to skimp on the quality of her pies for more profit or seeing the once cock-sure Audrey and Bobby shattered and vulnerable, it’s painfully obvious that the characters we once knew, so full of life and vitality, are now mere shadows of their former selves.

From the beginning it’s been hard to figure where Lynch is going with the series, only that whatever he’s doing – he’s doing it on his terms. In the scene where Sarah Palmer is blankly watching the boxing match, a surreal loop, the meaning is clear – the inhabitants of Twin Peaks are in a holding pattern. Just like the two pugilists on the TV screen, they too are caught in a nightmarish loop…they’re waiting on someone to set them free. The question is, who…or what?

One thing we do know is – an epic battle is imminent and it’s going to take place in the black lodge.

Will Dale Cooper recover his faculties in time to save the day? Well, he certainly was exhibiting some signs of life…glimmers of the man he once was. It was in his eyes, a returned spark – he’s in there somewhere. The totems of the past that he’s been subconsciously gravitating to are guiding him on his journey. When David Lynch named the series The Return, he may as well have named it Dale Cooper’s Return.

Noteworthy Noteables

  • Big Ed is back and is still pining away for Norma – true love never dies.
  • James Hurley ineptly warbles his Ricky Nelson-esque ditty with his two pretty backup singers – a wistful homage to happier days with Laura and Donna.
  • Audrey’s wormy husband, it seems, is the one holding the cards…what did he mean when threatened her with putting an end to ‘her story?’
  • Richard Horne was part of the den of thieves – what’s his role down the line?
  • Like the ambiguity of Chauncey Gardiner, is there a deeper recognition going on with Dougie/Real Coop…is he some sort of a Christ figure? Is this his resurrection?

Lots of questions – no clear answers. With only five episodes left, one can only assume that much of the story will be left open to interpretation. And as any fan of Lynch knows…that’s just the way he likes it.

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As dark Coop kept repeating during his epic arm wrestling bout, episode 13 was a return to the ‘starting position.’

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