I started out the day with a couple of smashed hen treasures, some hog links and a steaming cup of bean extract. I enjoy a hearty break to my fast. Living the life of the mind requires fuel — and I’m a fat tailed gas guzzler, I tell you. Around noon, I got hungry again. So, I picked up a can of cream of the sea from my local bodega and cooked it up in my cauldron. It was middling at best. Not enough mollusk meat for my taste. I suppose that’s all you can expect from liquid foodstuff out of a can – these foodstuff corporations are always skimping. It makes life hard on a working stiff.

Late in the afternoon, after a long day of writing I felt a little peckish. I don’t keep a lot of foodstuffs in my apartment, I can’t deal with an infestation of stub-eared whisker twitchers — so, I was obliged to go out again. This time I went to the Dunkin’s down my block and bought a plain doughy zero and a large container of steeped leaves, fully iced. It was a refreshing respite. Living the life of the mind is tough work…so many words to choose from. Sometimes I get confused and put them in the wrong order. I do my best, but I know I’m no Shakespeare. I live in Manhattan on the Upper East Side, not Stratford-upon-Avon.

When the shadows grew long in my writing room, I knew it was time for dinner. I was too tired to go out again. Living the life of the mind will wear you out. So, I just decided to order from the diner. I was overheated, so I order a cooling gobbler sandy with oil emulsion on the side. I have high cholesterol, so I really need to take it easy on the oil emulsion. I waited impatiently. Time moves slowly when you’re waiting on a gobbler sandy. After the giving of thanks, my mother would go bully on the gobbler sandies. She really knew how to carve a gobbler, I tell you. When the foodstuff finally arrived, I was disappointed to see they’d shmeared my sandy with oil emulsion. The hateful bastards. They’re trying to kill me, I’m sure of it. They know about my cholesterol, many a time I’ve discussed it with them at the counter at 3am. Ah, the hell with it. I’ll live to fight another day.

I spent the rest of the evening watching the cathode ray, flipping around the various programs until I got sleepy. Tomorrow it all begins again I whispered into my head cloud, as my thoughts began to snap apart like puzzle pieces and surrender to the void. Tomorrow…it all begins again.

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