The London office has watched with envy as our New York colleagues got handed a bunch of ‘Top 5’ things to do before you die, or the Prog Rock Playlist. We were positively as green as Grotbags. Now, in a world first, our London team got to pick their “Top 5 British Bands That Have Not Kicked the Bucket (Yet).” Here goes…

Fleetwood Mac
We had to get this one out of the way. You could say they were only successful once American duo Buckingham Nicks turned out, but you would be a brazen idiot. They sold more records in 1969 in the UK than The Beatles and The Stones combined. Apparently. Everyone says so. They were already doing pretty well when Christine McVie got her Mac invite. They were pretty big with Bob Welch too, who admittedly was American. But their only UK No. 1 was “Albatross.” So there. That was in 1969, their biggest year in the UK until Lindsey and Stevie turned up.

Status Quo
Well, they just scrape on as half of them have sadly died. Anyone who grew up around 1970 will be very familiar with all their stuff, which is played on permanent cycle in all shops, lifts, and old peoples’ homes.

The Rolling Stones
This list is in no particular order, so The Stones are not at number one. It’s our list and we make the rules. But, thinking about it, this band has not only existed for a long, long time, they have been right at the top globally for a long, long time. Mick Jagger is almost 100 years old (Actually, he’s 73. ) and shows no sign of stopping now. They’ve done the business in every possible meaning of the phrase since the dawn of recorded music. Congratulations, chaps.

Tom Petty & The Heartbreakers
Ho-ho. Got you there for a minute. No, I’m serious. Steve Ferrone, Tom’s amazing drummer? British. Jeff Lynne, who co-wrote and produced all the best hits? British. Most of the Wilburys were British. Tom was in London when we had that hurricane that wasn’t in 1987. It marked a turning point in Tom’s life and career, coincidental or not. Who cares if he always sings about American stuff? So does Graham Nash and he’s British, too.

Pink Floyd / Roger Waters / David Gilmour
You probably thought they were American. Waters in particular has a lot to say about the place, but they are very, very British, despite all the stuff about Trump in the latest Roger Waters album and all the stuff about American submarines in “Amused to Death.” And all the stuff… Anyway, are the Floyd still together? Were they ever?

There you have it. Hopefully nobody dies before this gets printed. Feel free to add a comment. We read them all, even the ones we disagree with.

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P. C. Dettmann is the London bureau chief and contributing editor at The Z Review. Born in Hull, living in London, he is the author of Locksley: A New Spy, Ernest Zevon, and as Paul Charles, From Beyond Belief and Kicking Tin. He indulges his love of espionage by running spy tours for Airbnb.

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