Yes, we all know lists are subjective — that’s what makes them so fun! The below is a collection of what I believe to be the top 100 guitarists of all time. The artists were selected for their feel, creativity, impact on music — and lastly their virtuosity. Technical proficiency is never the most important factor in what makes a musician great…it’s their ability to express their soul through their instrument. The 100 below have that in spades. So without further adieu — the Z Review’s top 100 guitarists!

Click on their names to hear ’em wail.

100. Junior Kimbrough

99.  Jonny Greenwood

98. Jack White

97. Guthrie Govan

96. Nels Cline

95. Link Wray

94. Mick Ronson

93. Scotty Moore

92. Carlos Santana

91. Billy Corgan

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  1. Half of the guitarist hear have played a T-Bone Walker tune. You wouldn’t know it from this bag lick of a list. Paul McCartney?

  2. Jill Joanides on

    What a joke! Conspicuously missing are Steve Vai, Joe Satriani, Yngwie Malmsteen, Jake E Lee and most of all, Randy Rhoads!

  3. Dear God, what a mess. Everyone on this list, including Paul McCartney, who played bass, is a better guitarist than Alvin Lee and Pat Methaney (to name just two)? And Jerry Garcia, Willie Nelson, and Terry Kath are better than 80 of them? Next time, try actually listening to music.

    • Don’t understand what you’re saying. Do you mean pat methaney and Alvin lee are better than anyone in this list or that everyone is better than them?

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