Billy Joel is one of the worst musicians ever to walk the earth. In particular, he’s a plague upon anyone who lives in the New York City tristate area, where it’s impossible to even go outdoors without hearing three minutes of tripe that he plagiarized from the “Godspell” soundtrack and banged out on his Casio keyboard while he was drunk. And good luck going to any bar in the city without hearing “Piano Man.” UGH.

Having said that, Joel deserves credit where credit is due. In 1970, years before he began his solo career, he was part of a duo called Attila that made only one album. But what a glorious album it was! Consisting of just him on Hammond organ and a drummer John Small, the self-titled album consists of eight slices of grade C hard psychedelic rock that recalls some Deep Purple soundcheck from before they got their shit together and hired Ian Gillan.

The songs include such titles as “Wonder Woman,” “Amplifier Fire” and “Brain Invasion,” and every few minutes there are brief flashes of the glorified nightclub act that Joel would one day become. But for the most part, it’s a slightly-better-than-mediocre way to amuse yourself for 40 minutes while you wait for your digestive system to metabolize the edible pot pastry you ingested to make “Game of Thrones” funnier.

Joel actively hates this album and has done everything in his power to see it deleted and its reissue suppressed. Thankfully, in the internet age, everyone’s worst mistakes can be dredged up and immortalized for all eternity, and so The Z Review presents a YouTube link to the one and only Attila album, in its entirety.


Editor’s note

We here at The Z Review are an opinionated bunch, so of course every once in a while we’re going to have a major disagreement. So, in the spirit of equal time, please check out this story published some months ago by Z Staff Writer and major Billy Joel fan, Reuben Levy.

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  1. You’re trying too hard….such words only make you look you’re actually a closet Joel fan! Badly written, at best!

  2. Really ???
    In the age of Trumpism is that what you think worthy of this kind of hateful spew?
    Try pulling your head out of your ass the next time you need to bitch about something.

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