As we predicted here at The Z Review, the effort by McConnell to repeal Obamacare was in vain. It went down, in fact, exactly the way we said it would – Susan Collins, Linda Murkowski and John McCain. Despite his flaws as a legislator, John McCain would never want his legacy tarnished that way, not on what very well could be his last vote – not to support Trump. It’s too bad Lindsey Graham couldn’t join his old friend one more time.

It’s a huge loss for the GOP, and a colossal slap in the face for Donald. After weeks of him carrying on like a lunatic, it very well might be that this is the moment when intelligent Republicans start to break away from Trump and finally set aside their ideology for the good of the country. Trump is a chaos president, an agitator who wakes up every day thinking up new ways to keep Americans in a perpetual state of anxiety.

The President has already tweeted his typical nonsense.

We are now seven months into Trump’s reign and he has not one significant victory under his belt. As the Russia probe continues to drill deep into his ass canal, he has become increasingly unhinged, Without a doubt, more and more Republicans will jump like rats from this sinking ship. With his latest defeat, it’s become clear that for all his bluster and narcissism Donald is a loser – bigly. How long will his supporters continue to champion a buffoon who spends his days ranting on Twitter like a 10 year old girl?  He’ll have his 35 per cent with their 35 IQs, but ultimately Trump will be the death knell of the GOP in 2018 – unless they start distancing themselves now.

McCain lived up to his reputation as a maverick this early Friday – it was a proud moment. And we cannot overestimate the bravery it took Collins and Murkowski to hold firm to their principles. Perhaps, their courage will serve as inspiration for other Republicans — and there were many — who disagreed with McConnell’s craven attempt to ram this zombie bill down the throats of his colleagues. We can only hope.


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