Alright, I know there are some stick in the mud party poopers out there who complain about these sorts of lists…how they’re are subjective, pointless and snarky. But, hey, let’s be real – they’re also fun. Even when you’re annoyed by them, it’s an entertaining annoyance. You’ve got to love musicians and music lovers, they’re a passionate lot. I’ve had readers curse my unborn children over some of my pontifications – and I wouldn’t have it any other way. Curse me all you want…as long as you have a good time.

The following is a selection of albums I consider to be the most overrated of all time. To be clear, some of them – not all – are fantastic…but that’s not what it’s about. The point is whether or not they are as great as they’ve been made out to be. It’s a fair list and well-considered. So remember — don’t get your balls in an uproar!

 Oasis – (What’s The Story) Morning Glory?

Oasis are, to borrow an epithet from across the pond, utter shite. Their musicianship is middling at best, their melodies are the definition of generic, the lyrics are eighth grade-level, rhyming dictionary rot, and their slammed production is dated and overly compressed. Their only saving grace is Liam’s vocals which are strong to be sure, but definitely one note. Most irritating of all is how they fancied themselves the rightful heir to the Beatles – fuck no. The only thing remotely comparable between the Beatles and Oasis were Noel and Liam’s haircuts. Now that that’s out of the way…Morning Glory. Well, their most acclaimed and best known album is a washy, contrived and repetitive collection of lunk-headed dross. That being said, there are obviously some tunes on here made to order for ‘90s radio – that still doesn’t make them any good. “Wonderwall” is about as moronic a set of lyrics as you can get – a song based around a reference to an obscure George Harrison record. Is it catchy? I suppose…but so is “Sugar, Sugar” by the Archies. They delivered the hits, I’ll grant you that…but their colossal esteem – especially in the UK – is utterly mystifying.

Lauryn Hill – The Miseducation of Lauryn Hill

A critical and commercial juggernaut on practically every ‘best of’ list, Miseducation was a phenomenon. It is also a phenomenal snooze. Aside from “Doo Wop (That Thing)” the tunes ramble, meander and drag. Musically, it’s all pastiche – a mere echo of far superior albums like Innervisions, Hot Buttered Soul and I Never Loved  Man The Way I Loved You. The dearth of melody on this record is stunning, just a bunch of simplistic minor key sketches set to the same hip hop  groove.  And her voice – considered by many as one of the greatest of her generation — is a tiresome mass of melismas. Seriously, forget Whitney Houston, Christina Aguilera and Mariah Carey, Hill was the queen of vocal runs and trills. Jeebus mamaloocha talk about a headache!

Massive Attack – Blue Lines

This record has taken up residence on every critic’s ‘best of’ list since it dropped in 1991. I’ll acknowledge that it was the first example of trip hop, which I suppose makes it an innovative release. But, really, should I give it props for that or hate it even more for being the progenitor of such an unbearably soporific genre? Blue Lines is a dull collective of slow jams over stutter-y beats. I’ll say this, if you have insomnia give it a spin…it’s the sonic equivalent of a secanol. It took me a long while to listen to this album, only because it was so acclaimed. I’m always dubious of these sorts of cultural touchstones. On occasion though, I’m pleasantly surprised – this time it was exactly what I expected, a sleepy loop of middling meh. For what it is, it is without a doubt massively overrated.

Van Morrison – Astral Weeks

I cannot tell you how many people I’ve known over the years that adore this record. Among musicians especially, Weeks is regarded as nothing short of genius. In point of fact, it’s one of the most boring, indulgent, and endless albums of all time. Jeebus mamaloocha, just listening to this album ages you by five years. Don’t get me wrong, Van Morrison is a great songwriter with one of rock’s most distinctive voices. And if you want to talk about greatest albums of all time, well, Moondance ranks way up there. Astral Weeks, however, is an untenable wank-fest. The songs have no structure, melody or point. Van the man just sounds like an incredibly stoned busker assaulting our ear canals with his prattling poetry and migraine inducing caterwauling.

Paul Simon — Graceland

Before I begin, let me just say that I am a huge Paul Simon fan. I consider him to be the single greatest songwriter of all time. As a lyricist, he’s stunningly brilliant. His insights into the human condition are unparalleled. And he is still fantastic, his last couple of albums featured some of his strongest material in years. Now, all that being said…it really annoys me that for so many he is best known for fucking Graceland – one of his weakest albums. Sure, it had some great tunes on it – he’s Paul Simon – but it was also his most grating, cutesy collection to date. I mean, “You Can Call Me Al”? What the fuck? He never wrote another tune so utterly cheesy before or after. Sure, the lyrics are great – as always – but talk about irritating.  To me, it’s a travesty that an album like Hearts and Bones gets hardly any recognition comparatively. On top of all that, let’s face it, he did rip off the whole Mbaqanga sound and profited off of it – that wasn’t cool.

The Stone Roses – The Stone Roses

The Stone Roses’ debut eponymous album is considered a mega-classic by musicologists across the board, many considering it to be among the best British releases of all time. I’ll concede it was a prescient precursor to the ‘90s Manchester sound, not that that’s a particularly great thing, but what a tedious sound it is. One after the other, the tunes just bleed into each other in a washed out, drone-y, jangle. Ian Brown’s flat and flavorless vocals sound as if you lopped off the top range of Liam Gallagher’s. Lyrically, I can’t make out what they’re trying to convey – probably something about raves and pill popping. I give points the drummer, Reni, who definitely knows his way around a kit. But overall, it’s a snore and a half, and definitely not worth all the taint-licking it’s been given over the years.

Marvin Gaye – What’s Going On?

Okay… the title track is unimpeachably genius, that’s a given. Still, let’s be honest, the rest of the tracks on the album are a bunch of undercooked jams repeating the same theme — love your brother…the children…lord have mercy…stop the war. All admirable sentiments, but he literally just states them – they are not expressed through story or narrative. Now, Gaye had one of the greatest voices of all time, no question, but the melodies are slim on this record – it’s just a lot of riffing over syrup-y arrangements and Montavani strings. All that being said, it’s still a nice, laid back record to listen to, however, for an album that is so widely considered as one of the greatest of all time it is absolutely – overrated.

The Rolling Stones – Exile On Main St.

There is no denying that Exile is an incredible album, it is swampy, dangerous and features stone cold classics like “All Down the Line,” “Tumbling Dice,” and “Rocks Off.” However, this list is about albums that are overrated. Among critics – and many fans – Exile is not only considered the Stones best album, but in the top albums of all time. This is where I differ from the crowd and why it makes the list. For all its merits, it is not their best work. Let it Bleed, Beggars Banquet, Sticky Fingers and Aftermath are all superior – especially in terms of musical invention and writing. I’d even say Between the Buttons and Some Girls edge it. Let’s face it, sonically Exile is muddy and discombobulated – though the 2010 re-master did manage to crisp it up quite a bit and bring out the vocals in the mix. As far as the collection of songs are concerned, they are obviously terrific – hey they’re the Stones! – but they are not nearly as varied as let’s say Sticky Fingers, which I consider to be their best album. There are just far too many generic blues/boogie woogie potboilers to be lauded to the extent it is. So, ultimately – though a fine, cohesive effort — it is overrated in its position in music history.

The Beach Boys — Smile

Technically, Smile was never released, but it is still regarded as one of the greatest rock masterpieces ever created. Most musicians know the story behind it — Brian Wilson’s decline into paranoia and drug use, the piano in the sand box, the competition with the Beatles…etc… It’s one of the most compelling tales in rock and roll history. I, for one, was obsessed with the album. When I was a kid, I would scour the ends of the earth to find bootlegs, to try and compile what would have been Brian’s ultimate vision – which he always described as a “teenaged symphony to God.” I was all in. Then in 2004, Brian Wilson Presents…Smile was released, a re-recording of Smile with all new musicians. It wasn’t the original, but for the first time you could get a good idea of what the album was supposed to be – directly from the horse’s mouth. Aaaaand it was a pretty big anti-climax. A few great songs, with a lot aimless filler and variations on the “Bicycle Rider” theme. Then in 2011 the Smile Sessions was released on box set. Finally, here it was this mystical, legendary album, Brian’s teenaged symphony to god!! Well, it pretty much sounds like what it is, the ramblings of a musical genius who took way too much acid. To be honest, I much prefer Smiley Smile, the slapdash version they released after Brian melted down. I’m not going to say it’s bad…it’s far too interesting and there are some beauties on there, “Wonderful,” “Surf’s Up,” “Heroes and Villains” to name a few. But there is also a lot of crapola – I mean, “Vegetables”? Come on! So, for all the hoopla it is definitely overrated…and far too much “Bicycle Rider”!

The Beatles – Sgt. Pepper’s Lonely Hearts Club Band

Ok…so this one is controversial, but hear me out. Pepper is absolutely a genius record, but is it really the greatest album ever made? Because that’s what it’s considered. Let’s be honest, it’s not even the greatest record the Beatles ever made…so how could it be the best of all time? There is filler here, of course it’s Beatles-level filler, so it’s still damned good. But, seriously, does anyone ever get a bug up there ass to listen to “Being For The Benefit Of Mr. Kite”? And what about “Fixing a Hole”? Sure, its chordal structure is brilliant, but isn’t it a wee bit dull? Now, had they included “Strawberry Fields Forever” and “Penny Lane” as they originally intended – then it would be the greatest album of all time. Sure, it’s a milestone in pop culture, but it’s an album that has always subsisted to a great extent on its myth – and hype. So for that reason – and that reason alone – Sgt. Pepper’s Lonely Hearts Club Band is overrated.

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  1. Sickle And Hammer on


    1: THE BEACH BOYS Pet Sounds
    2: BOB DYLAN Blonde On Blonde
    3: GRATEFUL DEAD Live / Dead
    4: PINK FLOYD Dark Side Of The Moon
    6: SIMON AND GARFUNKEL Bridge Over Troubled Water
    7: THE VELVET UNDERGROUND The Velvet Underground And Nico
    8: THE CLASH London Calling
    9: BILLY JOEL The Stranger
    10: CAROLE KING Tapestry

    – Take it or leave it!

  2. Some disagreement, but yes, Sticky Fingers is the best Stones album, and Sgt. Peppers is not as good an album as Revolver or Abbey Road (yes, it has high cheese, but the melodies and production!!). Is Graceland the best Paul Simon album? No, but it is better than a lot of other artists best albums…

  3. your a dick… Astral weeks is my favorite Van and not many people know about that record it does have a loose sort of foolin around on it musically i agree… but thats what i like about it i’ll listen to Astral Weeks over Moondance anyday and you dis Smile and Pepper maybe not many got Smile but it is genius to my ears Pepper overated? Rolling Stone didn’t think so

  4. Sorry, Pepper is pure genius. I agree with The Stone Roses. I LOVE I Want to be Adored but the rest of the album is just ok.

  5. Sam Bellingham on

    Where did you get your music taste from? The toilet store? Everyone is entitled to their opinion but some of these albums are probably the most important ever to be released for example Sgt Peppers and the stone roses which continue to influence people to this day I’m not sure how they can be classed as overrated if they still have a lasting effect on music decades after their release. Oasis really shouldn’t be in here either nor massive attack!

  6. This guy is a complete asshole! Hey, Reuben, why don’t you do the world a favor and go swallow a bullet?

    • Jeez man, you want him to kill himself because he doesn’t like a few albums? What’s wrong with you?

    • You’re advising suicide? Strong words from a man who’s name anagrams to “Lame Tan”

  7. I actually agree with these picks except for graceland. Every song is perfect and mix really well. He also recorded in the place that inspired it.

  8. This is one person’s opinion, not rock gospel. I don’t agree with him on several lps mentioned on this list. He has the right to offer his opinion. I, on the other hand, have the right to disagree.

  9. Kenny Pillow on

    It’s funny you put Pepper’s in there. With all the hype lately, being the 50th anniversary, I’ve read so much about it. Every article that claimed it the best ever made me think, too, “it’s not even the best Beatle album.” At least three are better, so yeah… it is overrated.

  10. Justin Griffin on

    Good list, except that I am among the many who can’t get enough of Exile or the Smile Sessions. I’ve got to say to overestimate Aftermath. It’s good but it’s also got some duds. Whereas everything the Stones recorded between 1968 and 1972 was flawless. This era is the sound of the Stones transcending their influences and becoming one of them, if that makes sense. Exile is the peak of that period.
    I’ve always felt Sgt. Pepper was overrated as is Astral Weeks. ‘What’s Goin On’ is another great choice for this list. There are three excellent songs on that record, one decent one, and the rest are boring sketches of songs. Marvin is a spectacular singer but yes this album is overrated.

  11. Most overrated album ever? The Beach Boys – Pet Sounds. Everyone was raving about it. I bought it. I listened one time. I put it away. Interesting vocal harmonies. Horrible songs.

  12. The most glaring omission here is that you did not include anything by, or hell the entire discography of, the Grateful Dead.

  13. I like, and in some cases love, most of these albums; but overall I get your point. I think you’re spot on with What’s Going On & Astral Weeks. Good albums that have been way overhyped.

  14. This author is obviously NOT a musician. To discredit these albums, especially sgt peppers, is a complete display of his lack of musical knowledge and rock history. Typical of a person with negative energy, it is easy for the author to attack such accomplishments to satisfy his own lack of self worth. This is a pathetic, non news, worthless waste of internet space.

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