Senator Lindsey Graham, fed up with Donald J. Trump’s incessant bullying issued him a stern warning on Thursday – don’t mess with Jeff Sessions.

The South Carolina Republican told reporter Manu Raju, that if the President were to fire his Attorney General, there would be “holy hell to pay.”

Graham went on to criticize Trump for what he considers, is his unfair treatment of the ‘beleaguered’ Sessions.

“This effort to basically marginalize and humiliate the attorney general is not going over well in the Senate,” Graham told CNN. “If you believe Jeff Sessions should be fired, use the power you have and accept the consequences.”

“I hope it stops,” he added.

Most interestingly, the Senator said that he would be introducing legislation next week that would require a judicial review before a special counsel could be fired.

“I’m going to try to come up with statutory language that would say, in the case of Bob Mueller and future special counsels, that if the attorney general fires that person who’s been empaneled to investigate the President or their team, then judges will have to look and see if whether or not the reasons stated meet the statutory definitions,” said Graham.

“Not just for Trump, but for any future president, we need a check and balance here,” he added.

Interesting stuff.

So, it sounds to me like Graham, in an albeit conservative way, just threatened Trump with impeachment if he goes ahead and fires his pal Jethro. I mean, how else would you interpret the phrase ‘holy hell to pay’? The question is, does the President even listen to anyone anymore? The guy just seems to be unraveling like a spool of kite string. Not that Donald was ever the picture of mental health, but he really seems to have upped the crazy after last week’s revelation that special counsel Robert Mueller was probing his personal business dealings with Russia. That’s what’s got him so scared – and angry with Sessions. I’m sure he feels Jethro could have derailed Mueller had he not recused himself.

Again, we at The Z Review wonder why he hasn’t fired him yet.

Is it just that Sessions seems to have a lot of support among his fellow Republicans, or that he would look bad to his congenitally confused supporters? Personally, I would like to think it’s that old Goober McDipsydoodle has something major over Trump…something involving anal beads, pee pee and Polaroids of his micro-phallus, like a pen cap, pinched between the thumb and index finger of a Kremlin kurveh.

A man can dream, can’t he?


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