Donald J. Trump has been pissed off at his Attorney General, Jeff Sessions, for a long time now– bigly. In recent days, however, that seething resentment has boiled over into full blown rage. Starting with his attack on Sessions in the New York Times where he railed against him for his recusal from the Russia investigation, Trump has taken every opportunity to bash the AG, calling him ‘beleaguered’ and ‘weak’.

Amid all of this acrimony, a Washington Post story came out last week alleging that Sessions may have had substantive conversations with Russian Ambassador Sergey Kislyak, directly contradicting his testimony before the Senate Intelligence Committee.

Add to that, special counsel Robert Mueller’s deepening probe into Trump’s ties with Russia, and you have to wonder – why doesn’t the he just fire Sessions? After all, with Sessions gone the President would be free to hire a new AG…one that isn’t recused from all matters Russia. A new handpicked AG, loyal to Trump, would oversee the special counsel and easily derail his investigation.

So why does Sessions still have his job? I mean, there is absolutely no question that the President is well within his rights to fire any member of his team. Moreover, the AG’s possible perjury before the Senate gives him the perfect excuse to do so.

So why doesn’t he?

On Tuesday, the President spoke to the press from the Rose Garden on the fate of Sessions, saying,“I’m very disappointed with the attorney general, but we’ll see what happens.”

Adding, “Time will tell. Time will tell.”

What’s holding him back? Well, some say it’s just the way Trump has operated throughout his entire career, that rather than sacking team members he’s displeased with, he prefers to make their lives a misery so that they will quit on their own. Logically, this makes no sense coming from a man who became a famous reality star through the catchphrase – “You’re fired!” Besides, he had no qualms about getting rid of Comey in expeditious fashion.

There would really be only a couple of reasons why the President would be reticent to let Sessions go. First, it might look bad among his hardcore southern supporters.  From the start, Sessions was Trump’s biggest fan — the first to endorse him. For Trump to turn around and stab him in the back just might turn off a few of his treasured base — something he can’t afford. The second — and more juicy — reason is…he’s afraid of what old Jethro might reveal to the world. With the Attorney General out of a job, he would have no obligation to Trump whatsoever. He could be free to tell the whole truth and nothing but the truth about Russian ties, obstruction, pee pee tapes, what nefarious deeds he was pressured to do….God only knows the dirt he must have on our dear leader.

However, if Sessions quits on his own accord, he would be less inclined to spill the beans, for the focus would then be on him and his failure– not the President. Of course, if Donald continues to press his hand with these attacks it might all blow up in his face. For the record, Sessions continues to say he has no intention of leaving.

So…will Donald fire him or not? As he said today from the Rose Garden – only time will tell.


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