Donald J. Trump issued a Twitter decree Wednesday that transgender individuals are hereby banned from serving in the U.S. armed forces – in any capacity. Wow…he’s really kicked the hornet’s nest with this one. This ban reverses a policy approved under Obama that would allow transgender individuals to openly serve.

I’m sure this decision will play well with his congenitally moronic die-hards, this was certainly his intent. But by directly attacking the powerful LGBTQ community, Trump has opened himself up to a shitstorm of controversy. Of course, that probably was also part of his plan – to change the subject from Russia. You’ve got to hand it to him, the guy knows how to manipulate the media.

It will be interesting to see the reaction from Dems. Lately, they’ve been attempting a rebrand, skewing away from cultural issues and trying on a more blue-caller aesthetic in order to pick off some of Donald’s voters. If the Democrats take a major stand defending the rights of transgender folks in the military, then they will continue to be seen by the dunderheads on the right as the self-appointed arbiters of culture…the elites…the change agents. The muldoons that voted for Trump aren’t interested in change, they are regressive, entitled – and now empowered. They’re taking their country back from the gays, the blacks and the immigrants. Donald J. Trump is their savior.

It would be wise for the left to not fall into the President’s tar pit trap. He desperately wants to foment these sorts of wedge issues, because he understands he can win on them. Of course, liberals need to stand for the rights of all people, but not at the expense of losing the war. Donald Trump should not be allowed to change the conversation. It’s imperative that Democrats maintain their focus and not get sidelined by his circus theatrics. Let the LGBTQ community ferociously defend transgender rights and the left should fully support that effort. However, it cannot distract from the main agenda – to retake the congress in 2018 and ultimately get Trump the hell out of the White House!


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