The trouble with Brexit is that it just won’t go away. If the referendum had been won by remainers, the issue would be buried for twenty years or more. But that’s not the way things went. The remainers have become the remoaners, unwilling to accept defeat. They try to backtrack and “soften” the exit. In truth, there is no such thing as a Soft Brexit. They have finally realised that we are either in or out. The sooner we embrace our dramatic choice, the easier it will be. The faster we get certainty, the better it will be for jobs and the economy.

As with the proverbial sticking plaster, so with Brexit. A short, sharp shock is far better than a lingering, timid peel. We’re setting the template that any future Leaver must follow. The process being hastily concocted in Brussels to handle Brexit will be applied to Greece and all the rest. So yes, we must pay something, possibly as far into the future as 2021, when the current EU budget expires. Coincidentally, not far off the next British general election in 2022. Even the arch Brexiteer Liam Fox has conceded that a two-year transition phase is inevitable. What’s a couple more years, he has been heard to ask. He’s been waiting since 1973.

So yes, we wish we had chosen more wisely. Yes, we wish we had voted to remain, as so many gullible Leavers are apparently queuing up to admit, but we are a democracy. Above all else, we value that. And, if we must make a choice between democracy and the EU, then there is no choice at all. A little more democracy in the hallowed chambers of Strasbourg and Brussels would most probably have avoided the need for Brexit in the first place.


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P. C. Dettmann is the London bureau chief and contributing editor at The Z Review. Born in Hull, living in London, he is the author of Locksley: A New Spy, Ernest Zevon, and as Paul Charles, From Beyond Belief and Kicking Tin.

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