From the moment Donald J. Trump took office, he has been plagued with a persistent and ever deepening Russia problem. It began in earnest when all our intelligence agencies confirmed that our election had been hacked by Kremlin-connected/directed operatives. Trump has never been on board with that assertion, hemming and hawing about Moscow’s involvement, taking the position that it might have been them but it just as likely may have been someone else. As more and more shoes dropped about the President’s team and their dealings with Russian operatives, collusion became the objective. Did the President or any of his associates collude with Russia to help swing the 2016 election. Donald and his supporters continue to maintain that not only is there no proof of such collusion, but that their involvement with Russia has been minimal at best. On Monday, Trump tweeted that ZERO evidence has been found in the one year of investigation.

What planet is he living on? There’s been nothing but evidence, piling on day by day. For the President and his supporter’s own information, let me jot down a cursory list of EVIDENCE:

  • All of our intelligence has confirmed that Russia hacked our election.
  • General Michael Flynn had to resign his position as National Security Advisor because of his deep involvement with Russia which he failed to disclose.
  • Attorney General Sessions failed to disclose his meetings with Russian Ambassador Sergey Kislyak which new intelligence intercepts indicate were substantive and related to the 2016 campaign. If these claims are true he perjured himself in front of the Senate when he declared he had limited interactions with the Ambassador.
  • Paul Manafort, Trump’s ex-campaign chair did not disclose that he was a lobbyist for pro-Russian concerns related to the Ukraine. Moreover, previous to working on the campaign he was in debt to Russia for millions of dollars.
  • The President ordered the firing of James Comey who was investigating the administration’s ties with Russia.
  • Special counsel Robert Mueller is investigating Donald Trump for potential ties to Russia.
  • Jared Kushner had to amend his security clearance twice because he failed to disclose meetings with Russia.
  • Donald Trump Jr. failed to disclose a meeting with Kremlin-connected operatives for the purpose of obtaining dirt on Hillary Clinton during the 2016 campaign.

This is all evidence. Calling it a FAKE NEWS hoax or attempting to muddy the waters with lunatic claims about Hillary Clinton and James Comey will not make it all go away. The truth will come out – one way or the other. For now, it’s clear that Donald Trump and his team of stooges have had numerous interactions with Russian operatives and lied about them time and time again. The pattern is consistent — they deny, deny, deny until they get caught and then say — what’s the big deal? This is again evidence that they have something to hide.


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