Donald J. Trump is not the first president to be investigated, nor is his administration the first to be plagued by scandal. His threat to our nation, however, is singular. Corruption and deceit is nothing new in politics – treason is something else altogether. And yes, colluding with Russia to interfere with our election is treason. Oh, I know it may not be in the legal sense of the word, but philosophically there’s no question. By partnering with an adversary in a blatant attack on our democracy, Trump committed a treasonous act – and ultimately, he will be impeached for it.

I’m sure there are plenty of Americans on both sides of the political spectrum that are dubious about that prospect, but here’s why I think it’s an inevitability:

  • Trump’s business deals with Russia. Special counsel Mueller is now looking into his past development deals with oligarchs – and the President is petrified about it. As soon as the news broke about this turn in Mueller’s investigation, Donald immediately went to the press and started declaring that his family business should be off-limits. He warned Mueller that if he continued the probe into his private affairs, it would be ‘crossing a red line.’ Red being the operative word.
  • Donnie Jr. already gave up the whole shebang. When Junior released the e-mails leading up to his now infamous meeting with the coterie of Kremlin-connected operatives, it effectively destroyed Trump’s argument that the Russia story was merely a FAKE NEWS hoax. Moreover, the idea that it was just a one-off meeting that went nowhere, or as little Donnie put it, ‘a big nothing,’ is simply not possible. Even the most benign business meetings are always followed up with a summary exchange. The rest of the interaction will be unearthed, either by the special counsel or Jr. himself, who is set to testify before the Senate Intelligence Committee in a closed session this coming week.
  • More Donnie Jr. It’s obvious he’s over this. He had his friend leak to People Magazine that he is ‘miserable’ and can’t wait for these four years to be over. Only four, huh? He’s done. Is he pushing his father to resign before he’s brought up on impeachment? I’m sure of it.
  • Trump’s pardon talk. Question…why is Trump talking about his power to pardon with impunity? If he and his team of stooges were indeed innocent, why would they need a pardon? Again, as Mueller gets closer and closer to the truth, the President seems to be getting more and more unhinged.
  • Paul Manafort. He’s testifying next week as well and he’s in it up to his neck. Before he joined the Trump campaign, he was in debt to Russia for millions of dollars. The money was owed by shell companies connected to Manafort’s business activities in the Ukraine. Once again, it all points to money laundering. Russia is the loan shark, and a loan shark always collects their debts.
  • 2018 elections. So far, Donald’s greatest protection has been his support from a majority congress. However, that all could change in 2018 if the Democrats regain control. A year is a long time for a nation to be battered by the quotidian Russia revelations in the press. Trump fatigue has already set in. His poll numbers are in the toilet. Throw in the fact that Republicans want to take away people’s health care, and the Democrats have got a hell of a chance to score big next year. Of course, one should never underestimate the Dems ability to snatch defeat from the jaws of victory.

Ultimately, there are really only two ways Trump’s reign of terror will end – either he’ll resign or he’ll be impeached. There’s just too much piling up against him. Personally, I think the end is coming sooner than anyone thinks. Next week Jr. and Manafort will testify – look for more shoes to drop and bodies under the bus.


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