When Donald J. trump claimed his victory in 2016, it was a major blow. It felt like I’d been struck in the nuts with a sock full of quarters. I walked around for weeks in a daze, trying to wrap my mind around it. How could this have happened? Were there truly that many ignoramuses in this country to allow for such an abject travesty? Surely, it was just a nightmare – some sort of collective hallucination. Carl Jung said that dreams are the woofer and tweeter of the total sound system – had humanity’s speakers blown out in a surge of mass stupidity? The truth is, deep down I knew he would win. Between the endless media coverage of Trump and his antics, the Bernie or busters’ sullen refusal to accept Hillary as their candidate, James Comey’s shenanigans and Russia’s slimy interference, the fate of our nation was sealed.

In the days leading up to Donald’s inauguration, I tried my best to subdue my terror. He’s a developer, I thought, he builds things…so let him work on our failing infrastructure. Maybe, just maybe it won’t turn out to be as bad as I think it will. In a sense, I was right – it’s turned out worse. Since the moment the talking yam moved into the Oval Office we’ve been a country under siege. From his first rant about crowd size to his latest declaration/warning that he has the ‘complete power to pardon,’ not only his colluding horde of stooges but himself, he has been nothing short of a disaster — a twisted, thin-skinned, paranoid, wannabe strongman at the helm of a sinking ship. He knows nothing of policy, strategy, or diplomacy, either international or domestic. He is merely an entitled, insecure bully who rose to power through the craven manipulation of his congenitally moronic supporters.

And then there’s Russia.

Every day, it becomes clearer that our President has a nefarious relationship with the Kremlin. He is beholden to Putin and petrified that the reasons for his fealty will be brought to light. He will do all in his power to prevent that from happening. He doesn’t care how it looks, he doesn’t care about what he does to the country in the process – all he cares about is himself.

Perhaps the most disconcerting realization I’ve made post-Trump is how little recourse America has against the whims of the Executive Branch. I always thought our founding fathers had established within our democracy an unfailing system of ‘check and balances’ to protect us from a potential madman like Donald.  The real truth is, he can do pretty much anything he wants – especially with a majority congress supporting him. He can grant pardons to anyone he chooses, fire anyone who he deems a threat, deregulate our economy, stack our courts with ideologues and suppress the rights of voters. He is in essence – a dictator.

He sure does act like one, doesn’t he?

Just listen to the way his team of stooges talk about him. Like in the cabinet meeting where he forced a room full of imbeciles to bend at the knees in praise of his accomplishments.

And how about Friday’s repellent gushing from his newly hired Director of Communication, Anthony Scaramucci , who went on and on about his intense love for his president?

This is the sort of taint-licking one might expect out of the Kim Jong Un  regime– not from the top representatives of the goddamned free world.

So, is it true? Has America become a dictatorship under Trump? And if so – what can be done?

There’s only one solution…vote in 2018. If Democrats somehow take control of congress, perhaps we can mitigate the actions of our dear leader. It will be a tough fight. Our country has been gerrymandered to the hilt…and who knows what Russia is capable of doing the next time around, now that they have direct access to the White House. Still, we have no choice. We have all paid for the narcissism of people like Bernie Sanders and his navel gazing following of hipster sheep. We are suffering a Nation full of fools…but we should not do so gladly. We cannot wait for the magic bullet or the smoking gun. Trump and his lawyers are doing their best to derail the Russia investigation. All we can do is vote…and pray we survive until Election Day 2018.


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  1. The author literally calls people sheep for not walking in line behind Hillary. Fun with irony!!

  2. Ah, you had me at “It felt like I’d been struck in the nuts with a sock full of quarters.”

    But you lost me at: “We have all paid for the narcissism of people like Bernie Sanders and his navel gazing following of hipster sheep.”

    I’m a Bernie guy but not a Bernie Bro and I happily voted for Hillary.

    To lay this all at the feet of Bernie fans seems not only counter intuitive but counter productive.

    Have you seen the new Democratic platform and have you read this article?

    I find it very convincing.


  3. Curious George on

    Unfortunately I see that Trump is the dictator. There used to be a checks and balances in Our government, that has disappeared. Shame on everyone!!!!