Spicey — out!

After a tenure that was marked by a host of cock-ups, controversies, contradictions, prevarication and flubs, Sean Spicer bailed out of his role as the White House press secretary on Friday. The New York Times reports that Anthony Scaramucci was named White House communications director on Friday – a move that didn’t sit well with Spicer and prompted his resignation. Sources inside the White House say staffers were “shocked” that he quit. Still, hasn’t this been coming for a while? I mean, we’ve barely seen the friggin’ guy for weeks now! Seriously…out of all the revelations dropping in the press about Russia, it’s Spicer’s inevitable resignation they find surprising?

The soon to be ex-press secretary sent out a curt goodbye tweet:

Trump’s new appointee as communications director Anthony Scaramucci confirmed that Sarah Huckabee Sanders would take over as press secretary. Good news for Z Review staff writer Dan Bukszpan…not so much for the country.

Speaking from the briefing room, Spicer read a congratulatory statement from the President, specifically lauding Spicer’s “great television ratings.” For months, Spicer has had to field questions from the press amid a deepening investigation into the President’s ties to Russia. Oftentimes, his statements were contradicted by the White House which strained his credibility with the media to the breaking point.

It’s been a rough road for Spicer to be sure. From the moment he barged onto the podium blathering about crowd size, he has been seen by many as nothing more than a stooge. A spineless worm, made to do the President’s bidding. Though his time as Press Secretary could hardly be described as a successful one, his place in history is assured, if only for Melissa McCarthy’s hilarious portrayal of him on SNL.

White House chief of staff Reince Priebus introduced Scaramucci as the new communications director to a round of applause.

So long Spicey – we hardly knew ‘ye.


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