It’s hasn’t even been a year into his presidency and Donald J. Trump is in trouble – deep trouble. The Russia investigation is not going away, in fact it’s only heating up as the evidence continues to mount that he and his team of stooges have been as thick as thieves with the Kremlin all along. Then there’s the losing battle to repeal and replace the ‘disaster’ of Obamacare, his mitigated travel ban and poll numbers that are in the toilet. The pressure is intensifying. Trump’s son Donald Jr., ex-campaign chair Paul Manafort and son-in-law Jared Kushner are all set to testify before the Senate next week about their infamous meeting with, who we now know were, a coterie of Russian operatives directly connected to the Russian government. Donnie Jr. sure handed investigators an embarrassment of riches with that one. The story’s got everything: collusion, an accused money launderer, an accused hacker and counter-intelligence specialist, and a lawyer whose entire raison d’être is to get sanctions lifted so her oligarch clients can finally be free to go rape the western world at their leisure.

The walls are closing in.

This week it was revealed that the President had an undisclosed meeting with his pal Vladimir at the G-20 Summit in Germany. That one came after the hours long meeting where Trump failed to press Putin on the election hack and apparently discussed entering into a partnership with him on cybersecurity! A lunatic proposition akin to entering into a partnership with ISIS to fight terrorism. It’s beyond the point of bizarre that amid all this scrutiny around his relationship with Russia, he would a) have this side conversation at all and b) not tell anyone about it. Does he really not understand how it all looks? As he continues to rail on at his investigators and the media calling the whole ‘Russia deal’ a hoax, it begs the question – who is he trying to fool us or himself?

To anyone who has eyeballs, it’s painfully obvious that Donald Trump is not the most stable guy in the world – he never was. He’s prone to fits of rage, is paranoid, delusional, narcissistic and thin-skinned, and has the attention span of a gnat. These are not qualities conducive to running a Burger King let alone the United States of America. Add to that the Russian noose around his neck and it makes for a very volatile situation. This is a guy who’s got his finger on the big red button. As the noose continues to tighten, depriving his brain of oxygen, I for one am petrified of what his next move might be.

When you back a rabid dog into a corner – you’re going to get bit.

So, what exactly are Donald’s options? How does he change the conversation? Well, it’s not going to be a win on health care – that ship has sailed. It’s not going to be the Republicans craven tax plan or any GOP policy. Those keystone cops are a salvation to no one, least of all Trump. Logic would dictate, the only way to distract people from something big is with something bigger. Seeing how huge the Russia investigation is, that’s a terrifying thought. What could possibly eclipse Russia? Well, nothing really, other than starting a war…most likely with Korea. Besides that, I suppose there’s always the slight chance that he could resign in a fit of pique. You know, one of those, “You’re not going to have Donald Trump to kick around anymore,” type of deals. But seeing how he hates to lose, it’s doubtful – unless he can figure out a way to spin it to his advantage. Like, maybe a new reality show or something.

Every day the talking yam is becoming more and more unhinged, and the atmosphere in the White House more toxic. The people closest to him are beginning to turn on each other, leaking intel to the press to save their own hides.

Something is about to break – I just hope it isn’t America.


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