A new Bloomberg report has revealed that special counsel Robert Mueller is looking into Trump and his stooges’ past business involvements with Russia – of which there have been plenty. Donald’s Russia transactions include the 2013 Miss Universe pageant in Moscow, apartment sales in his Trump building, sketchy real estate development deals and the sale of his mansion in Florida to a Russian billionaire.

This new turn in the Russia investigation is obviously getting to the President. Yesterday, during an explosive interview with the New York Times, Trump became irate when discussing Mueller, who he said would cross a “red line” if his probe focused on his family’s finances. It makes you wonder whether or not he already knew the special counsel was interested in his business dealings before he spoke to the Times.

Things are progressing at a rapid pace, still, I don’t understand why they can’t just subpoena his taxes and once and for all see what’s what. I suppose they’re building the case brick by brick, but in the meantime God knows how much damage he could do.

A new report in the New York Times says that ex-campaign chair Paul Manafort owed millions to Russia before he joined team Trump. This is what it’s all about. It’s not complicated – it’s just business. All these guys are in debt to Russia up to their eyeteeth. It’s as if Putin is the world’s biggest loan shark and Trump and company are the world’s worst gamblers. And as we all know – the house always wins. Now that Mueller is hot on the money trail, prepare for more shoes to drop.

There’s always the lingering possibility that the President might try and fire the special counsel if he starts getting too close to the truth, but then it would be lights out for the Donald. Dems would almost certainly call for his impeachment over obstruction. The only question is – how bad is the real truth on Russia? Is it so nefarious that the firing Mueller would be a risk Trump would be willing to take?


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