Bernie had an awful lot to say during the 2016 presidential campaign. He talked about a grassroots revolution, a new focus on winning seats big and small…a rallying call for his devotees to go out and vote so that his initiatives could eventually pass. Once they did the leg-work, they would be rewarded with free tuition, single payer health care, a pot brownie in every pot and a lifetime supply of hacky sacks and Cherry Garcia. A lovely fantasy, to be sure – fantasy being the operative word. What Sanders was actually most successful at – very successful – was torpedoing Hillary Clinton. You know, the person who won the primary…the other choice besides Donald Trump? Bernie was, in fact, so successful at his character assassination of Clinton that his sullen followers stayed home in droves on Election Day – particularly in those key states that mattered most. Of course, Sanders has never acknowledged or taken any accountability for the role he played in Trump’s victory. Once again – thanks Bernie….thanks a whole hell of a lot.

Since the election, Sanders has been pretty much off the radar. Sure, he does his high-paying speaking engagements and pops up on TV now and again to sputter something about Trump – join the club – but it’s all just about as meaningful as a cranky geriatric hollering at the waitress because their soup was too cold. So, what’s up with his revolution these days? Well, you’ve got Nina Turner, president of the Sanders-aligned nonprofit Our Revolution, out there pounding the pavement…advocating for single payer to anyone who’ll listen. And I do suppose, the Vermonter alter kocker is still a major influence amongst progressive Democrats – though Sanders immediately switched back to Independent after his loss.

Pardon me if it all feels a bit feeble.

For someone who did so much damage to the Clinton campaign, and in turn, THIS NATION…Bernie Sanders has done diddly squat since Trump took office. Where are the protests Bernie? Where is the resistance? You’ve just been lining your pockets in speaking engagements – something you crucified Clinton over – and giving lip-service to your pipedream of a revolution. Now there are rumblings that you want to run again in 2020 – at nearly 80 years old. Do us all a favour and re-think that, would you please? The Democratic Party needs to coalesce – you’re nothing more than an agitator. You spent decades doing zilch in the Senate representing an irrelevant state and passing no legislation of consequence. Then came the campaign… well we all know how that turned out.

So, where is it…we’re still waiting. Sending out Nina Turner to campaign for random Mayoral elections is not my idea of a revolution. A revolution has clear goals…a revolution is bold…a revolution stands for something. Single payer health care would be nice…but it ain’t going to happen, and it’s not enough of a cause. Revolutions stand for something bigger…they are sustainable only through coalitions and partnerships. If you really wanted a revolution for this country, you would have called for your hipster nimrod following to join in with Clinton and fight against the real enemy – for the survival of this goddamned nation.

This nation.

How are you feeling about it these day? You happy in the part you played? You satisfied how you handled it all…when you actually could have been a major force for good, but did nothing out of sheer spite and narcissism? And once again…where is the revolution?

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  1. The author and most commenters so far, seem to live in a very self-insulated universe. Fortunately for the rest of this great nation Senator Sanders has been helping the revolution he is a part of (not leader of) has grown and is doing much better than either the DNC or the GOP, which is probably why he is considered the most liked political figure in our nation. Take a peek outside of your shell every now and again, the winds of change have been shaping and building much over the last year.

  2. Thank you for this! I have been saying exactly the same thing since he sat there during the convention with his alternate angry, spoiled brat look, or arms crossed, divisive scowl. he is an independent, is NOT a Democrat. He does not support sensible gun control, and split our party leading to the biggest upset ever in our history.
    Hopefully next time he will not be able to use Democratic party money and he can take his Coffee Party to the far left on his own. Progressive NO Revolution was NEVER progressive.

  3. Bernie’s revolution has pretty much gone the way of Ron Paul’s. Lots of online trash talk but no results.

    • More than you have apparently…..Bernice is a has been, never to be again!!! His bouncing back to Ind. as soon as he lost told everyone exactly who he is….a USER!!!!! Just like he used you and all the other Bernice tools to take votes away from Hillary……LOSER!!!!!

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