Donald J. Trump took to his platform of choice to splutter a few lunatic – and mendacious – thoughts on the demise of the GOP health care bill. According to the President, he never intended to immediately replace Obamacare, just repeal it. In his fevered imagination, the Dems will be happy to ‘join in’ and help Republicans come up with something new – tabula rasa! The guy really will say anything, won’t he? No, Donald. The Democrats will not help their opponents kill Obama’s signature legislation, that ain’t ever going to happen. In fact, they’re not going to go along with any part of it being repealed. So, the bloated whale carcass is in your court, big boy – and it’s ready to blow up in your face.

Fixing health care is critical. Measures need to be incorporated into the existing law that mitigate the rise of premiums. But Republicans don’t want any part of it, because they fundamentally don’t believe health care should be a right for all Americans. Their hard-core constituency, however, does. It’s an impossible situation for the GOP. And now that they’ve tipped their hand and shown voters that the whole repeal/replace fervor was merely a ruse to give the rich a huge tax break, it’s going to be a whole lot harder to get their budget passed.

To Trump, this is just a lot talk, most of which he doesn’t understand. All he wants is something he can score in the win column. Fat chance of that happening anytime soon.

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