Trump voters never met a conspiracy theory they didn’t like – the wilder and more fantastical they are, the better. Whether it was “Hussein” Obama’s deep ties to radical Islam and his nefarious Kenyan origins or Hillary Clinton’s involvement in a satanic child sex ring run out of a pizza parlor, the Right-wing seems to possess an inordinate ability to believe the absolute worst about their icons of hate. So, why is it then that they are so obstinately blind to Trump’s obvious connections with Russia? Even after last week’s revelations about Donnie Jr.’s meeting with Russian operatives for the purpose of obtaining damaging intel on Hillary Clinton, Trump supporters still remain united in their solidarity for their dear leader. Faced with the irrefutable proof of collusion, or at the very least the intent to collude, they dismiss it all as more FAKE NEWS. Their ‘defense’ is merely to respond with a predictable tinfoil litany of the horrible travesties committed by the DNC, Hillary and of course Obama. Bottom line, they’d rather believe in outright fairy tales than their own lying eyes.

Recently, The Z Review put together a list of the ‘ten traits common to Trump Supporters’. One of the characteristics listed was a lack of intellectual curiosity. Perhaps, one could add to that and say…a lack of intellectual curiosity, and a paranoid aversion to FACTS. It is true that, by and large, Republicans are the Party of faith – Christian faith to be exact. They’re always up in arms about Muslims invading our borders or the war on Christmas. They’re also big proponents of teaching creationism in schools. In other words, they believe in pixie dust and don’t want to be disturbed with reality. This is why they’re perfectly happy to live in their own bubble, eating up the insane ravings of crackpots like Alex Jones with a fork and a spoon. But as it’s written in their beloved Bible – it’s time to put away childish things. Global warming is real – why? Because it’s been confirmed as fact by the entire scientific community. You know – science? That’s the stuff that cures you when you get sick, allows you to watch Hannity on Fox and listen to Rush Limbaugh in your pick-up truck. Russia tried to hack the 2016 election – why? Because it’s been confirmed as fact by our entire intelligence community. You know – intelligence? Hmm…actually, scratch that one — sorry.

The divisiveness in this country is unsustainable. In the end, we are all Americans and as Americans, we need to set aside our ideologies and come together for the sake of our union. What other choice do we have? We are heading down a dangerous road. For years, Republicans viewed Russians as our mortal enemies. Reagan called them part of the “axis of evil”. Now they’re ‘all in’ with the Kremlin. Can it actually be that these, apple pie, military worshipping, Red, White and Blue, “Make America great again” patriots would rather kowtow to Putin than actually concede that their hero may have lied to them? Or even worse …that the elitist scum on the other side might actually be right?

I have only one question. What would they do if the big shoe drops…I mean something absolutely extraordinary…proof beyond proof… photos caught red-handed kind of proof! Would they finally admit they’re wrong? Or would they somehow try to blame it all on Obama and Clinton? Well, I hate to break it to you, but neither of them are President – the talking yam currently taking up space in the oval office is. It’s time to let the scales fall from your eyes…they ain’t lying. The truth is staring you right in the face – you just need to accept it.

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