Despite the fact that Donnie Trump Jr. himself has acknowledged that the purpose of his meeting with a coterie of Russian operatives was to gain damaging information on Clinton. White House press secretary Sean Spicer still maintains it was merely a discussion about adoptions. I tell you, the man refuses to accept the story straight from the horse’s mouth – or in this case, the horse’s ass.

Of course, Spicer is outright lying on all fronts. First off, whatever discussion they had about ‘adoptions’ was directly related to the Magnitsky Act — a law that imposed sanctions on Russian officials and one in which Kremlin-connected lawyer Natalia Veselnitskaya has lobbied against for years. But more importantly – it was about CLINTON. Jeebus mamaloocha, are these muldoons for real or what? It’s all documented in the goddamned e-mails. We saw them for crying eye! Enough with the gas-lighting, already. At this point, the press corps should just start throwing rotten banana peels at the guy, I mean, if they’re  going to be disrespected to that extent, they might as well get some kicks out of the deal.

Now that Team Trump is stuck in their own tar pit of mendacity, it seems they’re just throwing anything out there to see if it will stick:

“It was the Secret Service’s fault…yeah that’s the ticket! No? Ok…well everybody does it, it’s just politics! No? Hmmm… well…Russia’s not so bad are they? I mean, don’t you like making new friends? Come on, you’ve gotta love vodka, right? I mean, everyone loves vodka!”

That last one, I believe, is the narrative they’re going to push hard – Russia ain’t so bad. It just might work too, at least with Donald’s congenitally confused hardcore contingent. After all, Russia is a Christian nation…and they’re about as pasty white as you can get. At the very least, they’re not AY-rabs. Mark my words, the ultimate spin will be that Trump was just trying to mend relations between superpowers.

Will anyone else buy it besides his devoted followers? No. But it’ll do for now – until the big shoe drops, anyway. When that will be, God only knows. Hopefully, Special Counsel Robert Mueller is doing his job. Thus far, he’s doing a pretty good imitation of the invisible man. We’ve heard his name thrown around for months now, but have we even heard him talk yet? Both he and Jared Kushner are like brothers in silence. Maybe they should get together and have a staring contest – if Mueller wins we get to impeach Trump, if he loses…hell…we’ve already lost..

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