A new Washington Post-ABC poll finds support for Donald J. Trump is waning in the wake of recent allegations of collusion, as reported in the New York Times, and the deeply unpopular GOP health care bill. President Trump’s overall approval rating has sunk to 36 per cent, down from 42 per cent in April. Moreover, his disapproval rating has risen to 58 per cent, with 48 per cent saying the “disapprove strongly” of his performance in office – a stunningly high level, only reached by George W. Bush in his second term.

As for what Americans believe about Team Trump’s involvement/collusion with Russia, well, that predictably was divided among Party lines. Among Democrats, 6 in 10 think his campaign coordinated with Russia to win the election, while only 1 in 10 Republicans believe Trump’s associates actively worked with Russian operatives

On the matter of credibility, 48 per cent of Americans say they do not trust the president “at all.”

Very compelling stuff. Could it be that the President’s obfuscation, blather, and incompetence is starting to wear on even his most loyal followers? Perhaps, however, if last year’s campaign proved anything, it’s that polling is never a 100 per cent a fool-proof affair. It could very well be Trump die-hards are staying silent.

It’s a bone-chilling thought, but there are many nefarious options at the President’s disposal that could change the Russia conversation. The most frightening would be to start some sort of major conflict. To that end, he has many choices…the scariest being North Korea.

Check out the full poll results here.

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