We here at the Z Review aren’t big into celebrity reporting; unless we’re actually sharing our legitimate commentary on the work of artists, we’d just as well leave the gossip up to the TMZs of the world. Truth is, we’ve got bigger fish to fry — mainly the bloated carp currently taking up space in the oval office. Besides, we’d like to think our audience is far too elevated for such vapid offerings. All this being said, we do understand the entertainment value of a good bathroom read. So, for those of you that bring your phones into the can, here are a collection of mindless links you can swipe through ‘til you wipe poo.

Donnie Wahlberg tips big

The aging boy band-er likes a good waffle, apparently…and an even better photo opportunity.

Shia LaBeouf apologizes for playing the drunken fool.

When celebrities fuck up, why do they always feel to say they’re sorry? Who is he apologizing to anyway…his fans? Does Shia LaBeouf have fans?

The outrage police issue citation to Kim Kardashian for dressing her kid in a corset

The real outrage is that this person still has a career.

Quentin Tarantino’s next picture will be about the Manson murders

Hasn’t this topic been covered enough?

Man accidentally locks himself in an ATM machine

Must’ve been a really small man, or a really big machine.

Queen Bey’s twins make their photo debut on Instagram

Sir and Rumi Carter…. what, no middle names? Why does Blue get one and they don’t? I foresee years of therapy bills for the doppelgangers.


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