grew up just outside of New York City. For as long as I can remember, Donald Trump has always been a prominent figure in our burg. He was never anyone we took seriously, mind you, he was just considered a cheesy showman…a Big Apple character. Born rich, he used that wealth to build up his real estate business, but mostly to build up his name – which he plastered on every gold plated eyesore he constructed. Donald J. Trump is a desperately insecure guy. He reeks of it. His bluster and braggadocio is merely a compensatory façade. Anyone who took psych 101 could make that facile diagnosis. I don’t know him personally, but I figure it’s got a lot to do with a hard to please father and possibly a micro-phallus. He’s not unique. At some point or another, we’ve all encountered someone like him. The shallow, bullet-headed muldoon at the party who bores everyone to tears about his net worth, or how many women he’s screwed. Sometimes, he’s a friend of yours…or acquaintance. He’s an embarrassment. That’s Donald in a nutshell…the guy is an embarrassment. He’s only impressive to rubes, rednecks and ignoramuses…the dipsydoodles that watched The Apprentice — and actually enjoyed it! If you think that active Republican snakes like Paul Ryan or Mitch McConnell feel kindred to Trump – forget it. They just need him to survive to get their poisonous legislation passed. Oh yes, by the way, Donald Trump is not a Republican – he never was. He’s an entertainer, or at least fancies himself as such. He wants to be loved. Plain and simple. What I’m saying is nothing really new…it’s just the context I’m setting up for this next bit.

Donald J. Trump is not the monster he’s being made out to be in the press. At least not in the grand scheme of things. He’s certainly nowhere in the same league as, let’s say, a Dick Cheney or Donald Rumsfeld. No, folks…not by a long shot. He’s not responsible for the deaths of hundreds of thousands of lives…and the conspiracies he was involved in were only a result of him being played by Putin and the cadre of oligarchs that had him — and continue to have him — by the short and curlies. Is he a buffoon? Yes. Is he just a classically horrible, rich, sleazy, misogynistic, disgusting pig? Of course. But he is not some kind of villain supreme…some master political schemer…he’s just – Trump. He’s always been Trump. And I’ll tell you more – he’s not the one responsible for his disaster of a presidency. Nope. It’s Putin, it’s the Bernie or busters, it’s a lousy campaign by Clinton, it’s James Comey…but mostly it’s the people who voted for him. And guess what, they didn’t need Russia to muddle their heads with fake news stories…their heads were already muddled. They loathed Obama and despised Hillary Clinton. Why? Let’s be honest – he was black and she was a woman…period. So don’t blame Trump. He was just following his instinct – to be loved, worshipped…to finally be KING. And he won.

All that being said, he’s in it to his teeth with Russia. He knows it, everyone knows it. And guess what – that’s not kosher. He won’t get away with it. I can see in his eyes after this latest revelation with his dim-bulb spawn, Donnie Jr. that he’s beaten. He knows the jig is up. The man is 71-years-old with the body of a rotting squash. How much more stress can he take?  It’s all going to come out. Yes, he colluded with Russia – of course he did…BIGLY. The guy’s had dealings with them for years. He was their mark. It’s really not as nefarious as it seems. It’s just business. They wanted their sanctions lifted and lured him in. “Will you walk into my parlour?” said the spider to the fly. Now just like every travesty in our nation’s history, the more thoughtful, intelligent Americans are going to have clean up the mess of the nimrods. Whether it was slavery, Jim Crow, trickle-down economics, gay rights, women’s rights…etc…decency wins out over ignorance. We’ve got a highly ignorant contingent in this country – we always have. This is not news. We’ll deal with it as we have always done.

So, to my fellow level-headed compadres who voted for Clinton and did what they could to prevent this crisis, I say – hang in there. It’s coming to a conclusion sooner than you think. To the Bernie-or-busters… well, I just hope you’ve learned something from the experience. And to Trump’s supporters? Thank you for an interesting slice of American history…we’ll survive it – no thanks to you.

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