One thing you’ve got to hand to Republicans – they know how to win. Why wouldn’t they? After all, they’re the business guys…the Wall Street types…the Ayn Rand-ist boot strappers. It’s their whole gestalt — winning. Democrats, on the other hand, are too concerned with pleasing everyone. They don’t have the taste for the jugular like their colleagues on the other side of the aisle do. While that might be an admirable quality, it’s an ultimately self-defeating one.

The fate of the GOP health care bill has been a large topic of debate, covered ad nauseum by every media outpost both liberal and conservative alike. The Dems, of course, are wildly opposed to it. They say it’s fundamentally unfair…will throw millions off of their insurance…it’s just a craven tax break for the rich…etc… Still, if the Democrats really want to win in 2018, they better pray some form of it passes. In the most recent polling, Republican support for our dear leader is still strong…very strong. Donald J. Trump didn’t lie when he famously said on the campaign trail that he could shoot somebody on Fifth Avenue and not lose any voters. His disciples worship his strong-arm bravado. He’s a veritable hero to every rube, redneck and muldoon from Bangor to the Bering Strait. Their support is unshakable. All this Russia business only makes them more motivated to go out to the polls. They’re in control now! For years they’ve lived under the yoke of Obama’s oppression. The contemptible villain who dared afford them access to health care. Well, I say, the Dems’ best chance at winning big in 2018 is if their coverage is is pulled out from under them. Let’s see how they enjoy walking the tight rope without a safety net. A large percentage of the Republican electorate are old folks — take away their Medicaid!

The Russia thing doesn’t bother Trump’s supporters. Collusion? Treason? Pshaw! It’s all just fake news. So, give them something real as Roosevelt to worry about. I’m not saying these diehards would actually ever go out and pull the lever for a Democrat under any circumstance, but at the very least it might decrease their enthusiasm to vote. If Obamacare tanks, it will make an impact – that’s a fact. I’m hoping it does. I hope old Mitch can make the grand bargain and get a bill together for Donald to sign. I really am.

Thing is…I know he won’t. You know why? Because Republicans know how to win. They’re already talking about a bi-partisan resolution. They’re not stupid. They’re going to toss it back in the Democrat’s corner for them to fix, and if they resist, they’ll say Dems are heartless obstructionists. They’re very clever…you really do have to hand it to them. Craven, manipulative, and soulless – but clever.

Aside from the death of the GOP health care bill, Democrats will have a tough row to hoe in 2018 and beyond, unless of course they’re able change their mealy-mouthed ways and give themselves an existential makeover. But that would require a lot of work — a total re-brand. They’d have to become the Party of JOBS…the Party that looks out for the blue collar contingent…the kind of regular Joes you can have a beer with. It used to be that way, once upon a time, before it became subsumed by identity politics and cultural elitism. Dems need to pull themselves up by their bootstraps and re-think their whole deal. Get some fresh blood in the mix. Who’s the major star in their firmament? Bernie Sanders? A Socialist, geriatric alter kocker who looks like he dove head first into a hay thrasher? He’s not even a Democrat for crying eye!

For now, I’m looking for the easy path to victory – I’m all in on the GOP’s health plan. Make it happen guys! I’m rooting for you.

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