In one of the most anticipated matchups in recent history, Donald J. Trump and Vladimir Putin finally met on Friday at the G-20 summit in Hamburg, Germany for a lovefest extraordinaire. It was the first reported sit-down between the two strongmen and what a sit down it was. Originally scheduled for 30 minutes, it ran over by hours. A bromance made in heaven.

The President began the meeting by telling his pal Putie it was “an honor” to meet him. Jeebus mamaloocha, you’ve got to hand it to the guy, he really does not care one whit about optics.

Trump told reporters that they discussed “various things,” however, Secretary of State Rex Tillerson – also in attendance along with Russian Foreign Minister Sergey Lavrov – described the conversation as forward looking in regards to 2016’s election hack.

“They had a very robust and lengthy exchange on the subject,” Tillerson said. “The President pressed President Putin on more than one occasion regarding Russian involvement. President Putin denied such involvement, as I think he has in the past.”

Adding, “I think what the two presidents, I think rightly, focused on is how do we move forward,” he said. “How do we move forward from here?”

According to reports, the conversation ran so long Melania was sent in to tell the two lovebirds to wrap it up – they continued to talk for an hour after she left. These guys are positively swoony for each other.

Putin, usually a cold sturgeon, was downright warm and fuzzy, telling Donny through an interpreter,” “We spoke over the phone with you several times, but phone conversations are never enough.”

Adding, “I’m delighted to be able to meet you personally.”

Secretary of State Tillerson, underscored the significance of the meeting and its meaning to his Boss, saying, “The perspective of both of them is, this is a really important relationship.”

Looks like the beginning of a beautiful friendship? Nah, more like one that’s been in full flower for years.

The meeting takes place under a cloud of an ongoing investigation into Russia’s involvement in 2016’s presidential election and possible collusion with Trump’s team to help ensure the talking yam’s victory.

I hope Special Counsel Robert Mueller had his eyeballs – and hidden microphones – on this meeting. We haven’t heard from him in weeks…could it be a good thing? Or will Russia-gate fall flatter than a blini? The future only knows.

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