While at the G-20 Summit in Hamburg, our dear leader managed to find time to issue a delusional missive via his platform of choice. This time his target of ire was former Hillary Clinton campaign chairman, John Podesta.

According to the President, the main topic of conversation at the summit was Podesta and his refusal to cooperate with a federal investigation into the hacking of the DNC e-mails. Jeebus mamaloocha… are we still talking about these goddamned e-mails? Well…Donald is anyway.

Podesta shot back with a few brilliant tweets of his own, taking down the lunacy point by point. It was a thing of beauty.

Trump’s Twitter tantrum interrupted a cross-country road trip with his wife. Poor guy, talk about harshing someone’s mellow – being on the receiving end of the talking yam’s blather is enough to vaporize anyone’s good time.

Also weighing in on Donald’s latest tirade, DNC spokeswoman Adrienne Watson highlighted that Podesta never had oversight of the server in question.

“1) Podesta never ran the DNC,” she wrote. “2) DNC worked with FBI to kick out Russians. Worked with DHS. 3) Putin make you tweet this before mtg?”

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