Feeling awkward at the company outing?  Can’t connect with your date? In the grand tradition of Playboy’s book of party jokes, the Z Review throws its bunny tail in the ring. Let the laughs roll in!

Polish Joke

Donald Trump telling residents of Warsaw that “he isn’t convinced” that Putin tampered with our election and that they shouldn’t worry about his annexing the Ukraine.

Mental Health Joke

New York Times reports, “Ex-Prisoner Finally Found Stability Before Killing Police Officer”

Abortion Joke

Rape victims may not be able to have one

Rape Joke

(see above)

Cancer Joke

Trumpcare says, “Try not to have it.”

Jewish Joke

Jared Kushner

Black Joke

Being murdered by the police is a choice. Stop choosing to leave the house.

Retard Joke

“Make America Great Again”

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