A day ahead of his big date with Vladdy, Donald J. Trump expressed his uncertainty about Russian’s involvement in the hack of the November election. Speaking to reporters at a press conference in Warsaw, Poland, on Thursday, the President was asked why he hasn’t spoken out against their cyberattack.

“I think it was Russia,” he replied, “but I think it was probably other people and/or countries.”

Adding, “I see nothing wrong with the statement. Nobody really knows, nobody really knows for sure.”

This directly contradicts all U.S. intelligence agencies who have confirmed that Putin directed the cyberattacks against the Democratic National Committee with the aim of submarining Hillary Clinton.

Trump will meet his beloved Vladdy on Friday at a G-20 summit in Germany. No agenda has been set, but it’s highly doubtful that the 2016 election will be a major topic of conversation. I’m just hoping Special Counsel Mueller will be taking notes. This is the first time the U.S. will be sitting down in direct talks with Putin in two years. I’m sure this time, there’ll be a lot more love in the room…perhaps some candle light…soft music…incense…you know, to set the mood for some superpower fisting.

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