I did not vote for Obama in the 2008 primaries. I believed at the time that America was not ready to accept a black man as our president. Sadly, today I feel vindicated in that belief. Don’t get me wrong, as soon as he won the nomination I was his biggest cheerleader – unlike the Bernie-or-bust fuckfaces that helped to swing last year’s election in Trump’s favor. I voted for him twice. Still and all, eight years of Obama has left this country more divided than it’s been in decades. I mean, we’re goddamned Civil War divided. Is it fair? No. But you can’t ignore the empirical truth that a good 40 per cent of America has got manure for brains. They are racist, misogynist, ignorant, prone to manipulation, gun-worshipping, fairy tale believing, childish buffoons. They are also white and entitled. Clinton called them the basket of deplorables – whatever the hell that means. What they are is American. They fought against civil rights, fought for slavery, supported segregation…started the KKK…and most recently the Tea Party (a direct reaction to Obama’s election). They have always been — and always will be — on the wrong side of our nation’s history. And they despised –- and continue to despise – Obama. Why? Because he was black. Period. He was an intelligent, reserved, thoughtful president. His signature legislation was an effort to provide the most vulnerable Americans with healthcare. He did his best, but in the end…was his a failed presidency? It’s hard to say it, but to a large extent — it was. In his eight years at the helm, Democrats lost key battles…governorships, the senate, the house…gerrymandered into near oblivion. And worst of all, his mere existence gave rise to the rotting squash currently taking up space in the oval office. Donald’s birther bullshit tickled the taints and captured the imagination of that pea-brained 40 per cent…and they have never stopped loving him for it. This is where we are, this is the truth…whether you want to acknowledge it or not.

If the President and his league of stooges are successful in their attempt to upend every achievement made by the Obama administration, what will be his lasting legacy?

Obamacare is still up in the air. When push comes to shove, will Republicans jump off that cliff? Will they take away the health care of their congenitally confused constituency to dole out a huge tax break to the rich? Are they willing to take that risk? I’m not so sure. At the very least, I do believe it will be repackaged…and weakened. It is also a given that the Supreme Court will turn 180 degrees to the right. A travesty that Obama could have mitigated if he had pushed harder to nominate his Justice pick.

The truth is, Obama was weak on a lot of fronts. He dropped the ball on the Russian hack… he dropped the ball on the Supreme Court… he failed to properly communicate his health care plan to the public and botched the roll out of the website — he let the GOP run roughshod over his presidency. Why? Again, because he was black. He didn’t want to unnerve the butthurt and disenfranchised red states further with any action that would cast him as the ‘angry black man’. If Hillary had won in 2008, this would not have been a factor. Would she have been on the receiving end of a never ending torrent of seething hatred from the right? Of course. The difference is – she would have fought back…hard!

Big picture – Obama will go down in history as an inspiration — especially to African Americans. He was our first black president and a brilliant guy that tried to do what was right. But if we’re going to be truly honest, he never hit back hard enough and it cost us a lot. The most frightening thought that keeps me up at night is that there might never even be a big picture. We may never get to remember Obama…or anything else, for that matter. With a psychotic in the White House and all branches of government belonging to the Republicans, I am terrified for the future of this country. Between Russia, North Korea and our estrangement from our allies around the world, it’s hard to believe this is not going to end very badly for all of us. There’s another thought I have…one I hate having – that this all could have turned out differently had Obama never been elected. Yes, it was a great thing that the United States elected a black man as president – greatly helped by 100 per cent turn out by African American voters. Yes…a great thing…whooptydoo for us. I just can’t help but feel, had Clinton won back in 2008, the Democrats would have kicked some major ass.  We would have won more governorships… would have maintained the house and senate… and most importantly, she would have beaten back the Republicans with everything she had. She would have been fearless and governed without any thought of how she came across to those she rightly found ‘deplorable.’

The Clinton we saw in her latest run was not the Clinton of 2008. She was older – too old – and beaten down on all sides. Moreover she had the anchor of Obama’s presidency dragging her down. It is all too depressing to think about…and believe me – the best is yet to come. I can only pray that something will come out that will once and for all be grounds for Trump’s impeachment, but as the days go on, it’s seeming less and less likely. We are doomed. Whose legacy is that? Partly Obama’s – through no fault of his own…except that he chose to run. Bottom line, as I knew in 2008, America was not ready for a black president…though ironically, that just might wind up being his greatest legacy. It makes me sick to my stomach, because, Jesus… I really love the guy.

It’s America I’m not crazy about anymore.

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  1. I really love the articles on this site. You guys really make me think about thing differently, like I never thought about Obama not being the right choice for America. I myself had one beef with him that I held on to for far too long, the fact that he put people from the Monsanto corp. into the government and being a fierce GMO. Opponent I hated him for that, but besides that I thought he did some great things for America.
    I think I haven’t wanted to think about him causing the “fuckery” as another writer on here likes to say that is going so loudly since he left office.
    Anyway, I truly love reading the writing of you and your fellow writers! Keep it coming!’

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