As I make my way through the streets, subways, restaurants, and bars of New York I listen to everyone.  I even lean in.  And then, of course, I write it all down. This column is a faithful record of New York sass.  Enjoy the one-offs of people I don’t know but managed to be around at their funniest moment, intended or otherwise.

Today’s Top:

“No one can talk that way unless they have crystal meth in them. I just mean the physical requirement.

Lecture attendees outside the 92nd Street Y

“Sorry it’s Godiva.  I know it’s the New Jersey of chocolates.”

— Guy to wife or girlfriend in Grand Central Station

“He gets to come back if he passes the clitmus test.”

— Drunk 30-something, late night at Niagara

When I said, “you complete me”, I meant you complete my neurosis.”

— 50-something woman to 60-something man, 88th Street and First Avenue

“I love tater tots.  Let me put it in terms you can understand. It’s like a potato wearing Fendi shoes.”

— Woman to friend at Whole Foods, Columbus Circle

“Jake Ryan ruined men for me. He was perfect. I felt it them, but now I know why. That’s the wisdom of age for you.”

— Adamant Gen-X woman at Dorrian’s, East 84th Street

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