Recently The Z Review posted a piece suggesting the only way to combat the Trump Travesty was for lawmakers and citizens to call for his impeachment. It seems that effort is already underway. Sunday, concerned patriots gathered in dozens of cities across America in advance of Independence Day, to beseech Congress to impeach the President.

In Austin Texas, a tussle or two took place when Donald’s supporters got in the way of protesters’ march to City Hall. Arguments broke out in New York City and Philadelphia as well, between anti and pro Trump factions.

In Philly, two anti-Trump protesters were arrested after a supporter of the president was attacked outside a downtown bar, NBC Philadelphia reported. A police officer was injured, in the scuffle.

In Los Angeles, thousands of demonstrators joined Rep. Brad Sherman, D-California,to call for the talking yam’s removal. Sherman drafted and circulated an article of impeachment to other House members over obstruction of justice.

“Every day, Democrats, Republicans, the entire world is shocked by the latest example of America’s amateur president,” Sherman said.

It’s a start.

As concerned citizens, our only recourse is to continue to call for Trump’s removal from office. Beseech to impeach! The President’s litany of offenses have piled far past the bar.

Beat them back brothers and sisters…power to the people baby!


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