The American people voted for Trump to be their president. Yes. A large segment of the American people have got shit for brains. Absolutely. There is no kind way to communicate this empirical fact. Moreover, there is no way, as a thinking person, to find common ground with these muldoons. Clinton called them a ‘basket of deplorables’ – whatever the hell that means – but in actuality they are the Visigoths and this is the fall of Rome.

And Donald is their dear leader.

I don’t want to hear about their problems finding a job in a failing economy or the rising cost of health care or how they’ve felt disenfranchised or how they don’t like being talked down to by the ‘elites’. They don’t deserve my consideration. Through a combination of inbreeding, white entitlement, and hand-me-down ignorance, they are and always have been a contingent of this country that is irredeemable. Like mosquitoes or crotch rot, they simply must be dealt with. The question is, how? There is only one way…beat them back. This is all they understand. As Press Secretary Sarah ‘Mrs. Potato Head’ Huckabee Sanders lovingly said of her boss…’the president fights fire with fire’. We must engage in this fight. I am not advocating a physical engagement or a revolution. Revolutions don’t work…violence is certainly no answer. I am simply saying, thinking people need to take back the reigns. We are careening towards the cliff…time is running out.

For the past couple of days, the media has been clutching their pearls at Trump’s latest Twitter meltdown against Mika Brzezinski and Joe Scarborough. Early Saturday, he posted yet another tweet:

The man is an infant…he is not well…he certainly should not be our representative or have his tiny finger on the big red button. His supporters love it. Finally, the congenitally moronic are in charge. They are too stupid to breathe.

Beat them back.

To the media, I say…rather than analyze the situation with your blathering, pontificating panels…you need to speak the unvarnished truth. The time for measured analysis is over. Use your TV shows, platforms and outposts to get this rotting squash out of office. This man is not mentally fit to lead…he is a dangerous man…it is time to advocate for impeachment. And never forget, you were complicit in his victory. Your incessant coverage of him during the primaries legitimized him. Now it is time to redeem yourselves. Trump and his stooges are hard at work on their fascistic ‘FAKE NEWS’ campaign to suppress your voice…are you going to just sit back and take it? Beat them back.

To the supposedly rational segment of our population…you need to get off your goddamned asses and vote. Stop with your navel gazing identity politics, your politically correct, didactic drivel…your sanctimonious policing of free expression…there is an emergency at hand. It must be dealt with. It must be beaten back.

Bill Maher is not your enemy…neither was Hillary Clinton.

To the Bernie or busters…extract your snowflake, entitled heads out of your rectums. You are complicit in this madness as well. Never forget that. You took your ball and went home and now it’s time to get back in the game.

The stakes are too high.

The Visigoths have breached the wall…beat them back.

Democratic lawmakers…it is time to call for the impeachment of this president. He has obstructed justice, he has blackmailed journalists, he is in bed with Russia, he has lied, cheated, embarrassed our nation. He is a threat not only to this country but to the world. Do your job for once in your lives. This is bigger than health care…this is bigger than infrastructure. It is the infrastructure of our democracy that is crumbling. Your Republican colleagues are a lost cause. Roll the dice…hold town halls and rallies calling for the impeachment of this president.

Beat them back.

Before it really is too late.

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