For seven years, Republican lawmakers have vowed to repeal and replace the ‘disaster’ of Obamacare. Well, after their feeble attempt at a plan — roundly criticized from all sides — it seems they might just forego the whole ‘replace’ part of their promise.

Donald J. Trump took to his platform of choice to suggest that if the Senate Republicans can’t get it together, they should just go ahead with killing Obama’s signature accomplishment and worry about replacing it down the line.

This is not a new idea. In fact, it was the plan the GOP originally intended to take forward after Trump was elected in November. That plan was squashed after Republicans balked at the idea of taking health care away from millions of their constituents, fearing reprisals in 2018’s midterm elections.

For now, the fate of the GOP’s Better Care Reconciliation Act is up in the air. It is a universally hated bill with only a 17 per cent approval rating, and thus far does not have the 50 votes necessary to pass in the Senate. Whether or not Senate Leader Mitch “Yertle” McConnell can appease enough Republicans to sign off on it remains to be seen. Either way, we’ll have to wait until after the July 4 recess to find out.

Equally unclear is what the reaction from Donald’s supporters will be if the GOP decides to go ahead with the repeal – minus the replace. Thus far, the talking yam can do no wrong with his congenitally confused constituency. He has also, as we’ve discussed here at The Z Review, inoculated himself from being directly infected by the bill, by publicly stating that it was ‘mean’. Will it be enough to protect him from the ire of his fans when they lose their health care? I’ve yet to see any indication on their part that it wouldn’t be.

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