A day after the Congressional Budget office issued its report that the GOP Senate’s Health Care Bill would drop 22 million Americans off of their insurance by 2026 and 15 million within the next year, Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell (R-Ky.) told senators on Tuesday that he will delay a vote on the Senate GOP health care bill until after the July Fourth recess.

Mitch “yertle” McConnel had been trying to push a vote on this flaming turd of a bill by the end of this week, but after Republican Senators like Rand Paul and Susan Collins publicly declared their non-support, the votes just weren’t there.

Republican senators were invited to the White House on Tuesday afternoon for a meeting to discuss the bill.

“We’re going to continue discussion in our conference,” McConnell told reporters on Capitol Hill.

The President is on record as calling the health plan ‘mean’. So, his bases are covered. If it passes, it’s a legislative win…if it fails, he’s distanced himself to not alienate his working class base.

Vice President Mike Pence sounded dubious on Tuesday when asked about the fate of the bill.

“We’ll see,” he told CNN.

As far as I’m concerned, Democrats’ best chance for the 2018 mid-terms is if the bill passes. If Trump voters lose their health care…maybe they’d be less inclined to vote. No pain — no gain. Be careful what you wish for Dems – it just might come back to bite you on your ass.


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