The presidency of Donald J. Trump has thus far been defined by his petulance, ineptitude and obscene prevarications…not to mention the Russian investigation hanging over his head like the proverbial sword of Damocles. In recent days, however, it seems as if our dear leader has made it through the seemingly relentless deluge of bad news, partly with a bit of good luck – CNN’s incompetence, Attorney General Sessions’ nothing burger appearance before the Senate Intelligence Committee – but mostly by a strategy that appears to be working.

If you look at the big picture, the majority of Americans really want Trump to succeed. They don’t want the nation to be in a perpetual spiral. You’ve got the 36 – 40 percent that are dyed-in-the-wool fans of the man, tack on to that another 10-15 percent that just want peace in the valley and you’ve got about 55 percent in the President’s corner. The rest of America will not be swayed, but it doesn’t matter one bit to Donald or the rest of the Republicans in Washington. Why should they care? It’s all just a bunch of minorities and young people that don’t vote anyway.

So, what is this winning strategy you ask? Well, it’s a subtle combination of fascism, 3-card monte, and gentle modifiers. Let’s break down what’s been going on lately.

  • He’s taken ownership of the word ‘collusion’ and thrown it back like a grenade. He’s re-writing the narrative from his bully pulptwit. He’s not the one who committed this treasonous act…it was Hillary and Obama that did of course.


He’s defused the ‘C-bomb’…and with no smoking gun – as of yet – it’s working.

  • He’s shut down the media. His relentless onslaught on mainstream media has worked. His followers (the 35-40 percent) have completely absorbed the ‘fake news’ narrative and when story after story comes out related to the Russian investigation without any real conclusive evidence, well, the other 15 percent that just want normalcy are going to get Russia fatigue.

Add to that the fact that he’s decreed a ban on televised press briefings, and you’ve got less and less answers…less and less accountability. He’s framing his own story.

  • Finally…the healthcare bill. Trump has called it ‘mean’. That’s his stance. So whether it fails or succeeds, he’s covered. He wins either way. If it passes, he’s got a legislative victory under his belt. If it fails, he’s on record as calling it mean…his gentle modifier…as opposed to ‘crooked,’ ‘low energy,’ ‘lying,’ and ‘fake news’.

So there you have it…the strategy of our dear leader in a nutshell. It’s a craven manipulation built on obfuscation and blather, but guess what? It’s working. It’s just human nature. The majority of people enjoy playing the role of the sheep. Trump is a carny barker, a master slinger of malarkey — it’s the foundation upon which his house is built. If you want my prediction, Republicans will retain the congress in 2018 and Donald, barring any smoking gun, gets re-elected in 2020. And, if there is indeed no smoking gun – for whatever reason – he will go on to be a beloved President.

You watch.

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  1. my only comment. . . . what are you smokin, cuz it appears awesome. Also, miss hillary needs a respite, aka the proverbial pasture where one turns out the old and used up nags—it’s time.

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