One of the world’s least compelling mysteries seems to have been finally revealed. The British stealth, graffiti artist Banksy, whose work goes for outrageous prices – which I suppose is all some grand statement on the commoditization of art? – appears to be none other than Robert Del Naja of the band Massive Attack. Aside from Carly Simon’s semi-annual media teases concerning the identity of the ascot wearing douche in her song “You’re so Vain” I don’t think I could possibly be less interested.

First off, the guerilla stencils are an Andre the Giant-sized snooze. Then, there’s all that ‘Dismaland’ malarkey. It’s meant, I’m guessing, to be yet another statement, this time about the phony, contrivance of the Disney aesthetic? How the masses are force-fed icons like Mickey as a twisted manipulation. Walt’s fascistic inclinations? Ultimately, it’s just reaaaaallllyyy bad art.

Anyway, Banksy is this dude from Massive Attack. A band, by the way, who deserves its own wing in the museum of the overrated. For years, their album Blue Lines would pop up on everyone’s greatest album in the universe list — Jeebus mamaloocha what an unlistenable load of soporific pap.

For the record, the beans were spilled by British DJ and ex-Bjork paramour Goldie, who in an interview accidentally referred to the elusive artist as “Robert.” To many it’s not any surprise. Last year, the Daily Mail concluded it was likely Del Naja by tracking new artworks in locations where Massive Attack was performing.

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