Donald J. Trump took to his Twitter Thursday to confirm that he never made any tapes of any private conversations he had with ex-FBI kahuna James ‘high pockets’ Comey. He was basically just being a colossal horse’s rectum as he’s wont to do. Of course there’s no apology for wasting everyone’s time with his infantile shenanigans. At this point, the media only has itself to blame by playing into his chicanery.

I still have doubts though. Maybe he did tape him and what’s recorded supports Comey’s testimony. That’s always a possibility. Still, I’ve given up believing the rotting squash will ever leave. His stooge contingent love him…and the progressives in the Democratic Party are a collective of navel gazing, ineffectuals, that much prefer to sit on the sidelines whining about irrelevant malarkey like Bill Maher’s unforgivable transgression, or misgendering Caitlyn Jenner,  than actually go out and vote.

They’re equally loathsome as far as I’m concerned.

Trump originally intimated he had these ‘secret tapes’ of Comey in May. Jeebus Mamaloocha, what a joker.


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