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Will trump fire Special Counsel Robert Mueller and/or Deputy Attorney General Rod Rosenstein? And if so… what will be the ramifications?

We start off the proceedings with The Z Review’s head honcho, big Kahuna and Editor-in-Chief , the lovely, talented and still aggressively British…Paul Dettman.

Of course he won’t! He’s pig-headed. He’s no diplomat. He’s got zero work experience for his current role. But then, who has? Only a second term veteran. There is only one thing I’m sure of and it’s that Trump is limited to one term. If that. The mid-terms next year will see the Republicans lose control of Congress. Then he’s up the shoot.

He did stay off Twitter during the Comey hearing, so he is listening sometimes, to someone. That same someone will be telling him if he fires Rosenstein or Mueller, all hell will break loose. Whatever the risks in watching Mueller rake through his affairs, and those of his family, the risk of firing Mueller is at a similar level to shooting himself in the head. Or letting someone soak a rubber mask in ketchup. Unity Mitford lived for years with a bullet in her brain. But she’s unusual in many ways.
Z Staff Writer — Daniel Bukzspan
I don’t know. Really, that’s my answer. It’s impossible for me to predict what Emperor Shit-For-Brains is going to do about any given thing at any given moment, because he is a barking, raving lunatic whose actions don’t correspond to the world we live in, or even the world he lives in.My sense is that the only drivers of his decision-making are, “Does this undo some Obama policy or another?” and “Is this a petty, shitty thing to do?” So if firing either one or both of those guyss satisfies either criterion, he will do it.
Z Staff Writer/Lifestyle Editor — Jessica Dorfman Jones
Your question raises the following question: Do you mean “Will Trump attempt to fire Mueller and Rosenstein?” Or do you mean, “Will Trump successfully fire Mueller and Rosenstein?”
If the question if the former, who the fuck knows?  Trump is just as likely to try to fire a fellow elevator passenger just so he can hear himself say, “You’re fired!”, and hearken back to his days as a media-whore clown whose every move didn’t carry weighty ramifications.
If we’re addressing the latter, the answer is no.  We’re in a world where Trump’s lawyers are lawyering up and the tweets are drying up.  The days of Trump flinging his (presumably) day-glo orange putz on the table in an attempt to create both a nauseating diversion and a viable solution to his problems seem to be over.  Firing Mueller and Rosenstein is tantamount to taking a page from OJ’s book, openly declaring his misdeeds by coyly declaring, “IF I did it…” Yeah, we know Donald.  You did it. No one even knows what “it” has to be anymore thanks to the pu-pu platter of criminal acts you’ve perpetrated SO FAR.
Which leads me to the ramifications of his actions.  If Douchebag Donny finds himself in scenario number one as described above, he’ll get shut down by his lawyers, members of congress, even little Jared knows that screeching “You’re fired!” at anyone just looks and is plain embarrassing.  That administration needs a collective break from embarrassment.  Someone will find a way to hit the Bitter Orange’s mute button.
If, however, Trump slithers through his handlers fingers and finds a way to declare war on Mueller and/or Rosenstein, the ramifications will be pretty unfortunate (for Donny and the other residents on the island of misfit toys, not actual humans). His defensive move will stir up new reasons to delve even deeper and faster into whatever is goading Trump into his attempts to feed anyone who questions  or examines his actions into a wood chipper. If Mueller is ousted, we already know that he has created a chain of command to execute his strategy with astounding precision.  Should Day-Glo Boy manage to fire Mueller it won’t be successful.  All Trump will have achieved is the futility of cutting off the head of the Hydra.
As for Rosenstein, ditto.
Z Review Contributor — Crystal C Durant
Very good question, and I have NO IDEA of WHAT THE HELL that kook-a-boo is going to do next…my head is still reeling from seeing his personal attorney say:
“No he isn’t being investigated” to “Yes he is being investigated” to “No he’s not being investigated, I NEVER SAID THAT” – all within a span of two minutes. My sister, my daughter, my daughter, my sister!
Anyway, I still think that Bannon is pulling the strings, despite not being seen that much anymore. And I’m also wondering what heinous damage is being done and to what/whom while this distraction is happening. I just saw on the news this morning that Jared is going to the Middle East to broker a peace deal, WTF?  How is he qualified? What kind of clearance does he have? HOW IS THIS ALLOWED TO HAPPEN?
t first I thought that if President Cheeto fired Mueller, it would be like the 1973 “Saturday Night Massacre.”
But we have to wait if Drumph produces the tapes he crowed about. And Drumph has a nice cushion of Republicans in the House and Senate, and his stupid followers haven’t turned on him yet. We need a Barry Goldwater!!!
Z Staff Writer/Editor for New York Office — Olivier Doinel
My guess is that DAG Rosenstein will recuse himself from the Russia investigation. I’m sure Mueller is looking into whether Rosey was pressured by Trump into crafting that excuse/memorandum suggesting Comey should be fired. I think if Mueller gets too close he will attempt to fire him — yes. I’ve figured this whole Russia thing out, by the way. It’s all about Flynn and Trump. Flynn was colluding with the Russians…he was the main colluder. It was a quid pro quo deal…Russians would hack the election and then Flynn would get the sanctions against them taken away. Simple. Except for the fact that Trump and Flynn were so full of hubris, they didn’t think they’d get found out…or hounded like this. And, Russia? They totally messed with the vote tally…intelligence can’t say they did now, because it would be way too big a mess to fix, but yeah… the election was totally stolen from Clinton. Soooo… Flynn made all the deals with Russia to get the sanctions lifted, then when he got nailed that job went to Jared ‘ back channel’ Kushner. My ultimate predication is…Flynn is going to get nailed, he’s going to face jail time and he’s going to throw everyone under the bus including Trump. And if Trump gets wind of it, he will indeed attempt to fire Mueller.
Z Staff Writer — Reuben Levy
He’s going to attempt to fire both of them AND pardon himself before the impeachment goes down. Nothing is out of the realm of possibility with that guy. Also, all these Republicans who constantly say, “Where’s the proof of collusion?” I believe there will be proof, and like Olivier, I believe it’s going to come out of Flynn’s hide. That scrotum with ears is going to wind up singing like a canary — you can make book on that Missy! Final though, a lot of this revolves around Trump’s support — can he hold his contingent of congenitally moronic muldoons in the flyover states? We’ll see.

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