It’s do or die for the Dems, as Georgians will cast their vote today to fill a congressional seat in the state’s 6th district. All recent polls have it neck and neck – it’s anyone’s game! Earlier in the month it seemed Democrat Jon Ossoff had the edge over his Republican opponent, Karen Handel, leading by as much as 7 points in a WXIA-TV poll conducted by SurveyUSA in May and an Atlanta Journal-Constitution survey from Abt SRBI in early June. All such edges have been worn smooth in the days leading up to the election.

It’s been the most expensive house race in history, with over $50 million spent between the two candidates. After a series of close losses, the Dems need this win to build momentum going in to the mid-terms in 2018. To be sure, the results will be a crucial gauge by which to measure the nation’s feelings on our dear leader. A victory by Ossoff would indicate a possible Trump fatigue consistent with his lagging poll numbers. However, if Handel were to pull it out, it would be a major setback and a steep climb ahead for Democrats hoping to win back the House and Senate.

With over 100,000 having cast their ballots early, voter interest in this special election is very high – particularly for a House race. As we all learned from last year’s presidential election, surveys mean zilch. It’s all about who will show up at the ballot box.

Polls close at 7pm in Georgia tonight…get out your popcorn!

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