Growing up outside of NYC I was a major Howard Stern fan, first when he was on WNBC — a job he was famously fired from — and then later on KROCK. As a high school student in the mid-late ’80s, many a time did I cut my morning classes to finish listening to his show, which ran from 6-10 in the morning. He was brilliant back then…a breath of fresh air from all those corny morning zoo-type shows. I remained a fan through the ’90s, but lost interest when he started getting mega-pervy with all the sybian rides and wack pack weirdness. Also, after he moved to Sirius, I just never had the mental energy or moolah to switch over. This show is from 1987…to my mind, it’s his Stern at his best. For me it’s a total Proustian rush, I still even remember all the local commercials… it’s strange. I can’t remember what I ate for dinner last night, but I remember those goddamned commercials.  Enjoy.

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