Times are tough in these United States of America. We’re suffering a paroxysm of being not-so-united. But when you get lemons, make lemonade. Look at the glass as half full. Based on recent polls, I believe we are coming together as a nation. That’s great news! The bad news is that we’re united by hate. Hate for the man whose mouth is “only good for … being Vladimir Putin’s cock holster.” The putrid Cheeto that is what we can only nominally refer to as our president is so vile that normally reasonable people have been seen frothing at the mouth, flinging themselves in front of traffic, and not giving a shit about pissing off the FCC the moment his name is mentioned. I bruise easily and even I have spent hours banging my head into the wall bemoaning the toxic waste filling the White House. Rather than actually do anything about it (I’m too lazy to be a devoted protester), I listen to songs to vent my impotent rage. The following list is this week’s soundtrack so we can collectively rock out with our cocks out…knowing exactly whose mouth-holster it’s meant for.

Fugazi – Waiting Room

Bob Dylan – Masters of War

Nirvana – School

Guns N Roses – Get in the Ring

Nine Inch Nails – March of the Pigs

Rage Against The Machine – Bulls On Parade

Green Day – Platypus I Hate You

System Of A Down – BYOB

The Who – Won’t Get Fooled Again

Queensrÿche – Revolution Calling

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