More information is pouring out on James T. Hodgkinson, the gunman who shot at Republican lawmakers who had gathered together for a baseball game. According to reports he was a rabid Bernie Sanders supporter who was vocal about his hatred for both Trump and Hillary Clinton.

“Trump is a Traitor. Trump Has Destroyed Our Democracy. It’s Time to Destroy Trump & Co.” he posted on his personal Facebook page on March 22.

“Republicans are the Taliban of the USA,” he posted in February.

Hodgkinson was 66, married and lived in Belleville, Illinois. He was a small business owner who defined himself by his ‘progressive’ politics. During the democratic primaries he frequently posted about his hatred for Republicans and disdain for Hillary Clinton.

He also has a well-documented history of violence, and in an altercation with his daughter’s boyfriend, he was charged with two counts of battery, aggravated discharge of a firearm, criminal damage to a motor vehicle and two counts of domestic battery. None of the three victims showed up in court, so the case was dismissed later that year.

CNN has an extensive breakdown of his disturbed past.

In the wake of this heinous act, what will be the reaction on the right? Will this senseless tragedy be exploited for political gain? And how will this affect Bernie Sanders’ ‘revolution’? This should give democrats pause to reflect. Do they really want an unhinged contingent to hijack their party or will they grow a spine and take back the reins? When you call for ‘revolution’ violence is always an inevitability. Hodgkinson was a twisted disciple, but with all the anger and rhetoric spouted off by extremists in both parties…chances are they’re more maniacs like him out there waiting to strike.

This is why the grownups on both sides of the aisle need to regain control. We cannot allow the  whackjob extremists to drag this nation down in the name of their asinine, fairy tale ideologies. Earlier this week we published a story calling Sanders a ‘Trump of our own’. It’s something to think about.


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