In a major turning point in the nearly year long FBI probe into Russia, the Washington Post is reporting that Donald J. Trump is now being investigated for obstruction of justice by Special Counsel Robert Mueller. How’s that ‘vindication’ feeling now, big guy? For months, our dear leader has touted the fact that he wasn’t the target of any probe…well…it was inevitable wasn’t it? Ironically, it was Trump himself who brought this on. By firing Comey, he kicked the hornets nest. When Comey told the Senate Intelligence Committe that he believed he was let go over Russia and further confirmed that Trump did indeed coerce him to drop the case into ex-National Security Adviser Michael Flynn, that was all she wrote. According to the Post, it was only days after Comey’s testimony that Mueller turned the microscope on the president.

It is not clear whether the White House was aware of this recent turn of events or if they’re just finding out now, but one thing’s for sure…you know the President is chomping at the bit to fire Mueller. Of course, if he were to do so now, it would be the Saturday Night Massacre part deux. I don’t think he’d have enough Republican support to save him from impeachment.

The Washington Post is quick to point out that the investigation itself does not guarantee any charges will be brought against Donald and that it’s always possible that Mueller could conclude that no obstruction was committed. But it’s hard to believe with so much evidence and momentum that the bowling ball could ever screech to a halt before hitting the pins.

It will be very interesting to witness the next televised cabinet meeting to see whether or not his stooge patrol will be as enthusiastic with their shameless taint licking.


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