GOP majority whip Steve Scalise remains in critical condition after sustaining a rifle shot to the hip which caused massive internal bleeding and damage to his organs. Doctors say, he will require additional surgeries. We wish him well and hope he recovers from this heinous attack by a madman. Shooter, James T. Hodgkinson took out his blind rage and extremist ideology on an innocent bunch of men, republican lawmakers, just taking the day off to practice a little baseball. It was indeed a tragedy, an assault not only on them…but our national pastime as well.

It must be noted too, that Steve Scalise – a member of both the House Energy and Commerce committees – is a rabid defender of the Second Amendment and has received an A+ rating from the National Rifle Association. In May of 2015, he introduced the Firearms Interstate Commerce Reform Act. The goal of this legislation was to relax restrictions on cross-state gun sales through a modification of the criminal code. Scalise touted this act as a way to eliminate the “archaic red tape burdening gun owners who legally purchase firearms across the nation.”

The NRA lauded his leadership and effort.

It should also be pointed out that congressman Scalise voted in support of the recent Health Plan – now currently being worked over in the senate – that the CBO states would kick 23 million Americans off of their health care. Scalise said he was ready to “debunk” the CBO score.

See where I’m going with this?

Scalise has sustained a horrible injury due to gun violence…shot in the hip with a rifle! There will be additional surgeries, extensive physical therapy, and even perhaps trauma counseling. Lucky for him, as a congressman he has fantastic health coverage. But you have to wonder…this is a guy that has fought tirelessly to make it easier for people to get access to guns and harder for them to get health care. I really hope the congressman recovers and will be able to take off many more days from his job to play baseball. I also hope that it’s a teachable moment for him, and that he comes out of this horrible experience, perhaps, with a new perspective on his previous positions.

One more tidbit. Once he gets out of the hospital, maybe he could describe the realities…the fear… the pain of such a nightmarish attack to his friend Trump. Scalise has backed Donald, down the line…from the travel ban, to the wall, to health care…to his ardent penchant for defunding and deregulation. He’s a loyal guy. Maybe he could urge Trump to tell his pal, Alex Jones that what happened to him was no ‘hoax’…no ‘false flag’ as Jones has described the tragedy in Sandy Hook where babies were slaughtered by another mad gunman.

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