As Attorney General Sessions prepares to be oven-roasted by his own (more or less) committee later today, we can report news from our friends at Patribotics that Comey has made legal recordings of all conversations with Trump insiders for almost a whole year.

It should be self-evident, given that nefarious teenagers have found ways to hack microphones and webcams to record all the time, without notice, that the FBI also knows how to do it. This crucial realisation explains how Comey could record phone conversations and, we assume, any conversation conducted in a room within range of his phone’s mike. All this without his telephone operator knowing about it.

This kind of hack is known to aficionados and connoisseurs the world over as an SS7 exploit. Provided you have a warrant, they are a perfectly legal way for law enforcement to hack your phone, and they do not need to notify the service provider.

Given that the FBI issued warrants on three separate occasions for Comey’s phone to be hacked in such a way, with Comey’s own full knowledge, you would expect the SS7 warrant to expire or be cancelled on the day he was fired as FBI director, and it was. What might raise an eyebrow is that Sessions himself then tried to get the hack reinstated after Comey’s sacking, presumably to allow him to spy on Comey. Remember: the purpose of the original warrant was to spy on Trump. The request was forcefully declined.

This just cannot get any better, but it probably will. Sessions will face difficult questions today, and he will most likely bat them off with nonsense. In another development reported by Patribotics in the same piece, the articles of impeachment are being polished ready for presentation to congress. Once that is done, the existing criminal indictment will be unsealed and made public.


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P. C. Dettmann is the London bureau chief and contributing editor at The Z Review. Born in Hull, living in London, he is the author of Locksley: A New Spy, Ernest Zevon, and as Paul Charles, From Beyond Belief and Kicking Tin.

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