Democratic Sen. Kirsten Gillibrand went a little fucking crazy at the Personal Democracy Forum at New York University. The comely Senator showed off her feisty side when speaking about the talking yam’s do nothing presidency, saying, “Has he kept any of his promises? No. Fuck no.”

Sounds like Gillibrand may have had a few too many vodka stingers. Jeebus mamaloocha, I don’t blame her. I’ve been drunk ever since that rotting squash took office.

With the election of Donald J. Trump we’ve been living in a new paradigm, it’s Mr. Myxlplyx land…we’re through the looking glass – truly gone fishing. Dogs and cats living together…politicians dropping F-bombs. Maybe it’s a good thing. Maybe it’s the sole silver lining we can take out of this whole experience. We don’t have to stand on ceremony anymore. Our dear leader has effectively de-classed what was once seen as the highest position in the land. And he did all within the first 100 days. At least it’s some kind of an accomplishment.

I like Gillibrand. She’s a New Yorker and she obviously has no problem speaking her mind. I’m keeping an eye on you, you hot little pistol. Check out the action below.


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  1. Arshad Sherif, M.A., M.Ed. on

    If you see the actual footage, you will see that Kirsten Gillibrand was actually rather uncomfortable using the f-word. She said it twice in two different contexts and both times she was very uncomfortable. Kirsten Gillibrand has for a long time been known to use salty language in private. Here she was being vulgar while delivering a speech at NYU. In front of young and impressionable college students. Students who pay a lot of money to attend this private university. Students who look up to her and for whom she is a role model. And they came to see Kirsten Gillibrand at her most vulgar moment. Certainly her most vulgar public moment.

    Generally speaking men have no problem when a beautiful woman uses this kind of language. In fact, many men find it a complete turn-on. But Kirsten Gillibrand was not there to turn-on college men. She was there to educate them.

    Normally Kirsten Gillibrand gives the impression that she is unapproachable. That’s because very beautiful women are normally unapproachable. And powerful women are generally unapproachable. Kirsten Gillibrand is both powerful and beautiful.

    From my experience, when a beautiful woman uses this kind of language she is trying to break that barrier that exists between her and the rest of the world. She is trying to make herself more approachable. So was Kirsten Gillibrand making herself more approachable in the hopes of taking a college man home after her speech? I doubt that that was on her mind. Although after this vulgar speech many men will see her as a definite possibility. A woman they could one day get close to and maybe have.

    A woman certainly loses that wonderful aura of grace and dignity when she uses the f-word. And Kirsten Gillibrand has spent her whole life achieving respectability. She has spent a lifetime creating the image of the graceful and elegant woman. Why would she through it all away? Why would she, in one speech, throw away that impeccable Gillibrand brand? A brand that she has worked so hard to develop.

    My view is that she wasn’t acting of her own volition. Kirsten Gillibrand has too much respect for the Senate and too much respect for NYU to use such language. This was never her choice. She would never choose to degrade the Senate. And she would never choose to insult NYU by her choice of words. She was forced into it.

    She was forced into it by an Establishment that felt that she had become too respectable. Too dignified. And far too graceful. The Establishment wanted her to fall a couple of notches from those lofty heights. To step off that pedestal. She was always the Princess on a pedestal. How so very easily you could have called her Princess Kirsten instead of that awesome formal title of Senator Gillibrand.

    The Establishment had tolerated her majestic ways for too long. They had tolerated her impeccable ways for too long. They had tolerated her untarnished elegance for far too long.

    The Establishment had decided that it is time for her to turn into a vulgar woman.

    A Gentile woman cannot remain elegant for long. She cannot remain impeccable for long. She cannot remain majestic for too long.

    Debbie Wasserman Schultz is also from New York. She represents Florida’s 23rd Congressional district but she is originally from Forest Hills, New York. Do you think that the Establishment would allow Debbie Wasserman Schultz to degrade herself in this manner? Would the Establishment ever write a speech for her that contains the f-word? Never.

    Debbie Wasserman Schultz must forever remain a Princess. The Jewish American Princess. No Gentile woman can remain a Princess for long. Kirsten Gillibrand has learned that lesson.

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