What was most interesting about today’s hearing is what I perceive to be the message every senator was trying to get across during the proceedings. With the exceptions of Cotton and McCain, the senators’ repetitive opening statements and questions were designed to establish two facts:

  1. Comey was an upstanding member of the intelligence community and is now a deeply important and respected private citizen.
  2. Trump is a liar

At one point, Comey underscored that what he has revealed, and the President’s pending replies, could all come to nothing; it could be a case of “he said/he said.”Ergo Comey’s prayer for the existence of tapes of his conversations with Trump.

But are those tapes really necessary? With the senate committee employing the standard litigator’s tactic of discrediting the opponent (and Trump has now clearly been cast in that role), Comey has been tacitly established as credible.  It appears that now there isn’t any need for a schoolyard “he said/he said” shoving match, even if our dear leader wants to take on his imagined bullies. It’s been established that Donald started the fight. What happens now?

I think the talking yam seems destined for a trip to the principal’s office. The questions we’re left with are:

  1. Is Donald getting detention?
  2. Will he be suspended?
  3. Did he just get a final black mark on his permanent record? Is Donny facing expulsion before day 200?

I’m eager to get clued in. Here’s hoping the private session won’t remain private for long.

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