In an astonishing and sensational development, the official UK exit poll is predicting a hung parliament with no overall winner. Given that the exit polls have been so accurate for many elections, this result cannot be ignored. Quite the opposite, and it is important to understand what the implications are.

It is being pointed out that a tiny swing in any direction could lead to a Conservative majority for Theresa May’s ruling party. But if this prediction is accurate, Theresa May will have no choice but to resign as PM and as leader of the Conservatives.

One way or another, this is going to be a long and unpredictable night, and Theresa May is going to be very, very nervous. We are heading for another general election later this year unless the minority parties can cobble together some kind of coalition. If accurate, we are not heading for a period of strong and stable leadership at all.

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P. C. Dettmann is the London bureau chief and contributing editor at The Z Review. Born in Hull, living in London, he is the author of Locksley: A New Spy, Ernest Zevon, and as Paul Charles, From Beyond Belief and Kicking Tin. He indulges his love of espionage by running spy tours for Airbnb.

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